Here’s Why Data Automation Is Becoming Essential to Sales Strategies

March 23, 2022
Here’s Why Data Automation Is Becoming Essential to Sales Strategies
Here’s Why Data Automation Is Becoming Essential to Sales Strategies

In a world of breakneck technological advancement, it's so easy to feel like you're falling behind. "AI" this, "machine learning" that.

What we find helpful is to remain centered on people: the people who will be using this technology, and how it will benefit them. When you start to look at the ways in which data automation makes life easier for the pros tasked with growing your business, as well as the ways it makes them better at their jobs, the essential nature of these tools becomes undeniable.

What is Data Automation?

Right now, a huge part of most sales and marketing teams’ jobs consists of collecting data from somewhere and then loading it somewhere else. It’s like the company CRM is a harbor dock, and all the third-party data providers and tools are the ships coming in. Before you can break open that data and dig around in it for answers… you have to haul it off all those ships.

Unless, that is, you use data automation to do the hauling for you. Data automation tools work by connecting all sources of data right back to your central CRM, converting it into a standardized format, and then even presenting it to you all wrapped up with a pretty bow. Instead of spending your work day hauling data back and forth and reshaping it until it’s something to look at, you can just dig in.

Why Do I Need Data Automation to Remain Competitive?

Contrary to the common perceptions, data automation isn’t actually about replacing your processes. Your existing processes may be great! But the truth is, they often work better in theory than in practice.

You’d like for all your data to be accurate all of the time, you’d like for all your team members to make all of their decisions based off of that data, and you’d REALLY like your team members to use that data to work together. It just, you know, doesn’t always go down like that.

Data automation doesn’t reinvent the wheel. The reason why it’s such a big deal is simply because it turns your own theory into practice, adding efficiency that opens up a world of new possibilities.

Let’s dive into why your sales process may not be living up to its potential right now. Then, we’ll demonstrate how data automation can bridge the gap. 

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