See Into the Future to Win More Business with the Revenue Command Center

January 10, 2022
See Into the Future to Win More Business with the Revenue Command Center
See Into the Future to Win More Business with the Revenue Command Center

Note: This post was contributed by Thomas Brence, VP of Product Marketing,

It was a Saturday afternoon. I don’t recall what weekend it was, but it was later in the summer. As the temperature rose outside, I sought comfort inside with whatever I could find on television.

As I flipped through the guide, I ended up on a re-watch of Minority Report. You know, that Tom Cruise movie from 20 years ago about understanding crimes before they occurred. As ol’ Maverick himself scanned through the virtual reality screens in front of him, passing up moment after moment that may or may not contain predictable outcomes, I couldn’t help but think of our products and our customers.

As Forrester has shared in their State of CRM report: By 2023, 79% of organizations said they will be using AI-powered automation to enable easier customer or prospect engagement. Meanwhile, 78% will be using similar capabilities to relieve employees from spending so much time on mundane, day-to-day processes.

It got me thinking – how many out there are using AI today to make their lives easier in sales?

You see, for sellers, combining our Data Foundations product and our various Revenue Solutions gives them the predictability power and AI-driven insights to look into the future – much like Chief John Anderton (played by Cruise). With the right data at hand, with AI quite literally at their fingertips, sellers can feel as though they are living in a virtual world. One that includes the ability to predict who the right people are in the right accounts to engage with and close more business.

The future of enterprise revenue intelligence is already here

Of course, this isn’t the future. This isn’t virtual reality. But rather – this is actual reality and the future is now with the Revenue Command Center.

You see, with the Revenue Command Center, your go-to-market (GTM) teams have data points on everything. For the first time, you’re no longer flying blind – waiting to see if your sales team hits or misses on the forecast. You can rely on leading indicators to provide warning signals (e.g., single-threaded around one buyer, no executives engaged, buyer has gone silent, etc.) where and when it’s time for you to deploy your greatest resource: your people.

Revenue Command Center harnesses the combined power of Data Foundation and Revenue Solutions to optimize AI-driven insights with people-driven engagement. Now you and your sellers can detect – at a moment’s notice – things like:

  • Is your target account engagement trending down? Time to alert marketing teams to deploy new ABM efforts.
  • Have critical stakeholders gone dormant? Pull in sales executives immediately to reawaken at-risk revenue.
  • Is the entire deal sitting with one individual? Ensure your team gets more stakeholders involved to eliminate single-threading.

It’s no longer enough to have a “platform” or “tool” that checks a box for your GTM teams – especially if it’s firing signals off inaccurate or incomplete data. You need to connect the data signals to a person at your enterprise and serve it up where they already live – in the CRM.

In other words: You need to use the data to inform the next best interaction a human can take to influence revenue. Because people buy from people.

Now, GTM teams everywhere are in the driver’s seat with the Revenue Command Center. Say goodbye to stale CRM data and hello to a data-driven future with Data Foundation. Data Foundation powers sales and marketing engines with accurate activity insights from captured and matched activities and contacts.

Then, put the data to work with Revenue Solutions, a suite of intelligence tools that improve strategic account planning, opportunity execution, transform sales performance, and create best-in-class sales engagement.

Take control of your revenue with the Revenue Command Center

Together, Data Foundation and Revenue Solutions are the Revenue Command Center. And together, this powerful combination lets you tap into:

The only platform proven for the enterprise

  • Enterprise-grade security and  privacy
  • Designed for complex enterprise CRMs
  • Market-leading matching accuracy
  • An ecosystem of integrations with Salesforce, Oracle, 6sense, and more

Market-leading engagement insights

  • Connects activities from every touchpoint
  • Captures the full context of every activity
  • Deep intelligence into the quality of engagement
  • Market-leading persona, account & opportunity insights

Tools to scale for best-in-class performance

  • Purpose-built tools for any sales process & methodology – all native in CRM, where sellers already live
  • Personalized experiences for reps and managers
  • Collaborative tools to accelerate the sales process
  • Unprecedented investment in customer success to accelerate and optimize value

Make the future of enterprise revenue intelligence a reality

While we may never get to the point where we can actually scroll through our CRM or analytics tools as they float in the air, the data and metadata context is all there.

It’s available. And it’s powering AI-driven insights and predictability today. The question is, have you given it a shot – or are you in the minority?

Take a moment. Give this quick solution brief a read. I bet you’ll find the future is closer than you knew. It’s here.

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