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Stop guessing and start winning with the data platform that supercharges revenue teams with AI.

Why People.ai

Your Mission: Win More Revenue

It’s time to reimagine your current GTM motion and adopt a proven, data-driven approach. Because your goals are too critical to settle for anything less than success.

Give your pipeline a boost by focusing on the right accounts and buyers

Give your sales team a winning edge on every deal

Every touchpoint with a customer is a signal that can help your sales team know what to do next. But all that valuable data is either not being captured, or it’s sitting in silos - unorganized, unused, and not adding value. 

It’s time to modernize your business with complete, accurate, and enriched data complemented by best in class AI that drives immediate results. People.ai uses AI-powered automation to make your sellers more efficient and effective. Data-fueled insights equip them with everything they need to know about every account and opportunity so they can build better relationships and close deals faster. 

We give your sales team a winning edge on every deal with three simple steps.

Establish a data layer so you can power better AI

Automate the capture of all prospect and customer activities (emails, meetings, call transcripts, and more) and match them to the correct contacts, accounts, and opportunities in your CRM for the complete story of everything happening across your GTM organization. Automation accelerates team productivity while better data fuels powerful AI and unlocks the next level of success in your business.

Give your pipeline a boost by focusing on the right accounts and buyers

Leverage generative AI so you can stop guessing and start winning

Once you’ve established a data foundation, you can leverage generative AI to give your sellers everything they need to know about every deal. Improve customer interactions using real-time context, get answer your toughest revenue questions, understand your true buying group, connect with individuals who carry the most influence, proactively avoid risks, and understand the best next actions on every opportunity.  

With billions of sales insights captured over nearly a decade, our purpose-built AI deeply understands the processes and behaviors of buyers and sellers. 

Automate revenue generating activities so you can scale

Optimize your GTM operations by introducing a standardized selling motion including AI-powered account plans, deal qualification, and dynamic org charts.

Easily understand what’s happening - and what’s working -  in every account and opportunity using AI-powered applications inside the CRM and productivity tools your sellers already use.

Upgrade all your favorite tools with
data and AI

Our world class partnerships and integrations means you can access the power of your data inside tools your team is already using. People.ai works seamlessly inside of Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Slack, Zoom, and more. No additional login required. 

Adopt a data-driven approach for better results

Being busy is easy. Being effective is hard.

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