July 26, 2022

People.ai Is a Featured Partner for the Oracle Fusion Sales Launch

People.ai Is a Featured Partner for the Oracle Fusion Sales Launch


People.ai Is a Featured Partner for the Oracle Fusion Sales Launch

Partnership to help customers drive revenue transformation and growth in three powerful ways

Earlier today, Oracle announced the next iteration of Oracle Fusion Sales, which is focused on transforming the sales process into a modern revenue engine. People.ai is thrilled to be a part of Oracle’s vision for the future, as our value propositions align perfectly.

“Oracle and People.ai share a vision for how revenue intelligence can help transform B2B selling and drive stronger revenue operations performance. We are excited to partner with People.ai to bring action-oriented cross-functional revenue insights across the entire B2B lifecycle to our mutual customers.”

Des Cahill, Group Vice President Global Product Marketing, Oracle Customer Experience Cloud.

More specifically, through the combination of Oracle Fusion Sales and People.ai, customers can drive revenue transformation in three primary ways:

  1. Increase sales productivity
  2. Drive more and bigger deals, faster
  3. Increase buyer satisfaction

“We are proud to be partnering with Oracle and excited to be included in the launch of Oracle Fusion Sales. People.ai’s proven solutions uniquely complement Oracle Fusion Sales’ capabilities and mission,” noted Oleg Rogynskyy, CEO and Founder at People.ai. “Our ability to automatically capture all sales activity and contacts and to provide AI-powered insights for accelerated pipeline generation, delivered in Oracle Fusion Sales, will deliver significant and rapid ROI to Oracle’s enterprise customers. Insights like account and contact engagement will help sellers focus their effort on engaging the right executives in the right accounts, at scale.”

Increasing Sales Productivity

We all need our sales reps to be as productive as they can be. Time not prospecting or actively moving opportunities forward is not time well spent. According to LinkedIn’s Global State of Sales 2022 report, sales reps only spend about 30% of their time today actually selling.

Within Oracle Fusion Sales, People.ai offers automated data capture with the industry’s best matching, filtering, and contact enrichment. When used with Oracle Fusion Sales, sales professionals reap the benefits of automation and can spend more time driving revenue.  

By automatically capturing data, activities, and contacts generated in a seller’s day-to-day activities, we free sellers from tedious data-entry tasks and allow them to focus on providing solutions and solving problems for customers. People.ai insights assist in powering Oracle Fusion Sales with prescriptive and contextual seller actions, empowering sellers to become even more productive by helping them focus on the right accounts, at the right time, with the right actions.

Driving More and Bigger Deals, Faster

Deals progress when a process or sales methodology is followed closely. People.ai surfaces proven, objective engagement and stakeholder influence scores in each account to make sure deals are on track. Marketers and sellers know who the right people to engage are, and when the time is right.

Why is this important? According to Forrester, 61% of purchasing decisions now involve four or more people, up from 47% in 2019. So helping sellers navigate larger, more complex buyer groups is critical for deal progression.

Moreover, People.ai works with any methodology to accurately reflect true deal stages. With objective measurements, deals move along smoother and close faster, for higher revenue.

When you have a proven path to close deals, new team members ramp and become productive much faster – contributing quicker to revenue. Sellers spend less time figuring out their path to cash, when the path is already paved in front of them.

Increasing Buyer Satisfaction

When you give GTM teams a single view of all customer data you put them in the best position to answer their customer’s critical questions. People.ai unlocks the ability for sellers to have high-value and impactful engagements that bring together the right stakeholders. Sellers efficiently navigate complex enterprise buying processes, generating confidence among buyers.

In the modern B2B business world, GTM organizations must optimize seller efficiency, fostering a frictionless sales experience so reps can spend more time engaging and servicing their accounts. Additionally, companies must maximize the buying experience, so that every customer interaction serves to advance the partnership forward. People.ai helps companies accomplish these objectives by empowering all GTM teams – marketing, sales, operations, and customer success – to work from the same, complete data set, providing complete views of the customer.

People.ai Enhances Oracle Fusion Sales

Oracle’s vision for Revenue Intelligence is to provide action-driven insights across the B2B revenue waterfall. People.ai embeds revenue and engagement insights, with AI-driven recommendations and guidance. Together, we’ll help guide your business to growth by providing an accurate revenue picture, from pipeline to close to renewal.

Learn more about the benefits of automating activity capture in Oracle Fusion Sales –  eliminating countless hours of manual data entry so sellers can focus more on engaging accounts, not administrative tasks. View our 20-minute on-demand webinar.

You can also learn more about our partnership with Oracle, and how we enhance the value of Oracle Fusion Sales for customers.

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