The path to quota isn't paved with busywork

Take the guesswork out of your GTM motion by adopting a data-first approach, proven to help you win more revenue

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If you're in sales, PeopleGlass is for you!

Account Executives

Stop wasting hours pasting from spreadsheets. Breeze through pipeline updates and next steps.


Manage leads and contacts all from a single view. Make bulk updates on the fly.

Sales Managers

Bring clarity to your forecast. Spot gaps in sales processes faster and course-correct to keep your pipe healthy.


Improve CRM data hygiene without chasing down reps week after week.

Customer Success

Manage account engagement from a central view and know where your attention is needed.

Reclaim the most precious asset in sales – your time

Breeze through Salesforce updates so your team can focus on
closing business, not managing multiple tabs

Get clear visibility on your team’s activities

With easily customizable views that let managers put everything that matters most front and center, there’s no question about what’s actively being worked, what’s not, and what’s missing

Hit fast forward on pipeline updates

Breeze through pipeline updates. With PeopleGlass, sellers can update opportunity records in mere seconds, including all notes and required fields

Improve your CRM hygiene

Build curated sheets by role to ensure that the details you need most are actually captured and synced back to Salesforce — no chasing reps required

Reclaim the Most Precious Asset in Sales – Your Time

Breeze through Salesforce updates so your team can focus on closing business, not managing multiple tabs

Your Salesforce Data,
Safe and Sound

Secure Sign-On

Ensure teams access accounts securely by signing in with Salesforce SSO

Own Your Data

No Salesforce data is ever stored by PeopleGlass

SOC 2 Type 1 Compliant

We handle your Salesforce data with the highest security standards

Keep Permissions As-Is

Maintain the same user permissions as Salesforce to ensure data quality stays intact

Learn All the Ways Can Transform Your Sales Performance

Bring the full potential of your revenue engine to life with a single platform to bolster account engagement and change the outcome of in-quarter deals

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