Why People.ai?

Real enterprise revenue intelligence, based on real data, to help you win real revenue (because bad data gets you nowhere).

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Stop running your business on bad data

It’s no secret, bad data in = bad data out. Yet, companies continue to make critical business decisions like forecasting, hiring, and coaching with data that is incorrect. Why? Because historically leaders have had no choice but to trust their people, their CRM, and so on - until now.

With People.ai, you get the complete story, every time based on complete, accurate, and real-time data. Future-proofing your business just got easier.

Real data is a gift, delivered in the form of more time for more revenue-generating activities

More Time

If time = currency, you need to introduce efficiency and improve productivity by automating low-value activities.  With automation comes complete, accurate, and real-time data across your entire go-to-market motion - improving all aspects of how you operate.

More Revenue Activities

More time awards you more face time, with more customers, ensuring you maximize every hour of every day by focusing on high-value activities. This includes spending the right time, with the right people, in the right accounts – deepening your relationship and your understanding of their business – positioning you as a strategic partner.

By now, you’re catching onto our secret sauce. But here’s what else you should consider when identifying and evaluating an enterprise revenue intelligence solution. 


Enterprise Ready

Enterprise companies have complex needs – needs only a company built for the enterprise can achieve

A Data-First Approach

Complete visibility into your go-to-market motion by unlocking data you can trust, without the manual effort

Filtering & Accuracy

Patented technology securely sources engagement data, filters out non-business activities, and logs activities in the right spot, no matter the complexity of your CRM

AI Insights

Let AI be your co-pilot, informing your next move and derisking your pipeline

Security & Privacy

Meticulously designed security and privacy that protects the data entrusted to us

Holistic Solution

Enterprise companies don’t need another tool. You need a single, deeply integrated solution to meet you where you already are

Where You Work

From CRM, to business intelligence, to marketing automation (and beyond), you need complete, accurate, and enriched go-to-market data at your fingertips

When You Work

Day or night and time zone to time zone, unlock the answers you need to make smarter business decisions (with data you can trust)

Black Box

The customer is everything
(but awards and industry recognition don’t hurt either)!

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