Case Study

Create Anywhere Masters Sales Strategies with’s Account Plans

Software Development

Create Anywhere, a division within Unity Software (NYSE: U), focuses on the enablement of creative teams through two core solutions, Parsec & SyncSketch.


Account planning, activity tracking, inspecting deal and pipeline health


  • Lack of solidified inside sales function
  • Unreliable data to provide accurate forecasting
  • Management had limited visibility into the GTM activities happening across accounts and opportunities
  • Inconsistent scoring methods for accounts and opportunities


  • 30% decrease in sales cycle length for strategic upsells
  • Forecasting accuracy within 8% of team’s initial quarterly commit
  • Management gained baseline visibility with qualitative information to make informed decisions, and enabled confident sales coaching
  • Standardized deal reviews with account health scorecards

Begin your journey now

Both Parsec and SyncSketch provide remote access for creatives around the world to collaborate and develop their best work from wherever they are. Backed by the world’s leading platform for creating and operating real-time 3D content, creators, ranging from game developers to architects, use Parsec and SyncSketch to make their imaginations come to life with a high-performance solution. The Create Anywhere division aims to bridge the gap for distributed teams to create the world’s most powerful digital content with near-zero latency for wherever inspiration strikes.

Clayton Dobbs, Senior Manager of Inside Sales - Mid Market, leads the efforts for Create Anywhere’s Mid-Market and BDR teams to expand their footprint and simplify creative workflows around the globe. “Our mission is focused on enabling creatives to develop and build incredible assets in a streamlined and simple manner,” said Dobbs. “The goal of Create Anywhere and Unity as a whole is being able to support gaming, media and entertainment (M&E), and architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) organizations from anywhere their teams are working and enable them to develop world-class creative content.”

For Clayton and team, constructing a high performing and predictable revenue function that enables the adoption of Unity’s tools and services by key creative organizations required a solution that supported their scaled targets. “ is a solution that provides us insight into our business so that we can better manage and provide predictability around forecasting, high value pipeline development and revenue bookings,” said Dobbs.

“ empowered our sellers to approach their deals in a more strategic and methodical manner, as well as provided the key insights they needed to close deals more efficiently.”
Clayton Dobbs
Senior Manager of Inside Sales - Mid Market, Create Anywhere

Not just activity for activity’s sake

As a smaller division newly acquired into the Unity ecosystem, Create Anywhere was saddled with challenges preventing them from operating on their land and expand sales strategy. “We did not have a solidified inside sales function. We didn’t have the data necessary to understand the gaps within the revenue of our business, we had limited visibility from a management perspective to understand how our reps were prioritizing their days, and we spent a lot of time digging through data to establish key performance indicators,” said Dobbs. “Life before was very anecdotal-based, and we did a lot of activity for activity’s sake to get to a certain amount of pipeline. Had we not brought on, we would have lost the insight we have into our customer accounts, and I don’t believe we would have the same level of customer expansion that we have today across our key accounts.”

Implementing was a critical decision to give management baseline visibility into building out their inside sales function, and providing coaching and guidance for feedback. The patented AI technology helped the Create Anywhere team automatically capture activities conducted by sellers, and gain qualitative information to make informed decisions. “We’ve been able to track the engagement scores of opportunities which has served as a strong indicator of what a healthy opportunity versus an at-risk opportunity looks like. I’ve been able to work with my sellers to navigate those landscapes accordingly, and because of this, I was able to forecast within 8% of our team’s initial commit in the past quarter,” said Dobbs. “ has also helped us identify which accounts and opportunities to prioritize and align with based on our customers’ structured growth. We’ve become much more proactive versus reactive in our sales process which has caused us to spend our time wisely and win more often.”

Implementing account plans to run a strategic machine

As a data-driven sales leader, knowing your business is critical to providing direct insight and guidance to help sellers consistently hit their objectives. “We used to hold a quarterly business review where each seller would get a single hour to present a holistic view of their book of business. There was no room to dive deep and inspect the gaps within the opportunities, so we started conducting key deal reviews on a weekly basis,” said Dobbs. “As we conducted our KDRs, we quickly found that each seller would interpret and go through our sales methodology in inconsistent ways, falling back on surface level knowledge of our key accounts and recording their data in different places.”

When Create Anywhere implemented their revenue intelligence solution, used Salesforce data to automatically generate account health scorecards customized to their sales requirements to give Dobbs and team an instant bird’s-eye view into the state of each account and a standardizing portion to their deal reviews. “Working with the team, we provided specific questions through the account plan that aligned with our MEDDPICC sales methodology and helped us nail down where we were strong and where we had gaps within our opportunities,” said Dobbs. “This was a critical piece for the management team as it brought confidence to forecasting because we understood the full scope of our opportunities and accounts. By omitting the previous inconsistent scoring methods, we have been able to look at each account and opportunity through a data lens. Now we can close larger, more strategic expansion deals with a lot of velocity and confidence for our team.”

Adopting new processes and sales requirements can be met with resistance, but for the Create Anywhere team, the change was welcomed. “Our sellers adopted this new process very quickly because it was extremely easy to do. They had all the information within Salesforce and simply had to answer the questions that were asked,” said Dobbs. “ empowered our sellers to approach their deals in a more strategic and methodical manner, as well as provided the key insights they needed to close deals more efficiently. From a seller’s perspective, they enjoyed the idea of understanding their position in an opportunity. It provided them confidence to commit deals to that quarter’s forecast, and ultimately, provided them targeted insights that they previously didn’t have.”

Partnering for future expansions

As Create Anywhere continues to integrate into the Unity ecosystem and expand its range of tools and services, remains a reliable partner in their journey to help creatives around the world. Together, they have implemented data-driven account plans and utilized AI-powered technology to streamline their workflows. Create Anywhere’s story serves as a testament to the power of innovative technology and strategic partnerships in the world of sales and creative collaboration.