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In GTM, everyone is accountable for a number.

Help win more revenue by boosting pipeline creation and tightening deal execution (no matter your role)

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Fuel high-value sales & marketing activities

Fuel high-value sales & marketing activities

Improve how sales and marketing partner to generate more pipeline

  • Automatically capture activities and create compliant contacts in CRM
  • Unlock AI-driven contact classification and continuous enrichment - ensuring you deliver the right message, to the right inbox
  • Aligning sales-engaged contacts with customized, account-based marketing efforts
  • Together, boost pipeline engagement, increase brand awareness, enhance credibility, and win more revenue

Manage account
plans, relationship maps,
and whitespace

Adopt a unified, customer-centric approach across the entire GTM team

  • Drive internal customer alignment across the GTM team, with complete visibility in CRM
  • Monitor and assess customer adoption
  • Maintain strong customer health to ensure renewals
  • Easily identify expansion opportunities to capture the complete TAM
  • Visualize the organization and stakeholders roles, influence, support status, and engagement - enabling a strategic approach to expansion
Manage account plans, relationship maps, and whitespace
Empower sales leader coaching

Empower Sales Leader Coaching

Introduce frequent and proactive coaching based on facts (not feelings)

  • Unlock real-time data around GTM activities, individuals, and team performance with automated activity capture
  • Identify your top, middle, and bottom performers (plus the corresponding activities of your top performers) - empowering data-driven decisions and to ramp reps to revenue faster
  • Use 1:1s more efficiently and adopt a coaching culture in order to rescue at-risk revenue and turn everyone into revenue generators

Validate key persona engagement

Properly qualify your pipeline (in or out) with persona data

  • Historical analysis confirms key buyer personas, improving rep efficiency with highly targeted efforts
  • Identify individuals historically known to have high influence and purchasing power
  • Validate engagement of key personas, coach to misalignment to minimize risk
  • Leverage data-driven insights to confidently call a number - improving win rates and achieving revenue goals
Validate key persona engagement
Strengthen opportunity qualification

Strengthen opportunity qualification

Inject process and uniformity across your sales methodology

  • Improve sales methodology adoption, adherence, and ROI with easy-to-use, CRM-native scorecards
  • Validating the health of in-flight opportunities by qualifing them against your sales methodology, from a single view - derisking your pipeline and improving forecast accuracy
  • Spot field-wide gaps and trends to drive future enablement, improve deal execution, and win rates

Identify at-risk revenue

Leverage AI-insights across your entire pipeline

  • Automated activity capture provides real-time data around GTM activities and improves forecast accuracy, based on facts
  • Surface unhealthy accounts and opportunities at risk of not renewing or closing and proactively mitigating - resulting in more revenue
  • Ensure the right internal resources are deployed and the right time is being allocated
Identify at-risk revenue

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