Improve efficiency by unifying your entire GTM motion from pre to post sale


Improve efficiency by unifying your entire GTM motion from pre to post sale

(without leaving your CRM)

Black Box

Relationship Maps

Navigate complex buyer groups with ease by charting your course to close

Tired of creating one-off org charts for deal reviews, QBRs, and internal alignment? You know - the ones you spend hours creating but quickly go stale.

With relationship maps, AI detects GTM engagements and prompts you to build robust org charts in seconds. Quickly understand who you’ve engaged, the role they play, and support status - magnifying gaps and risks to proactively mitigate.

With a strategic approach you’ll win larger deals, faster.

Account Planning

By failing to (account) plan, you are preparing to fail (your account)

Enterprise sales is no joke. Working in silos, off varying offline docs won’t cut it anymore.

To navigate complex sales cycles, upsells, and renewals with ease, you need account plans - native in CRM. GTM teams can understand account health, easily identify potential for growth, and surface renewal risk (before it’s too late).

By operating as strategic partners off account plans, you’ll renew and grow more accounts.

Opportunity Management

Executing and adhering to your sales methodology just got easier

You’ve invested in a sale methodology - nice! But, you don’t know how to get reps to adopt it - let alone track that adoption.

Opportunity execution and management has never been easier. Leverage playbooks and scorecards to follow your winning sales process and methodology. Allowing you to validate the health of in-flight opportunities and properly qualify in (or out).

The best part? Improve win rates and shorten sales cycles.

Engagement Dashboards

Dashboards and data tables that don't suck

Traditionally, to understand what’s happening in your GTM motion, you need business intelligence tools, data scientists, or engineers. The problem? The cost. The resources. The complicated user experience. The waiting. (Woof).

^ This is why we designed engagement dashboards for the everyday, non-technical-user. Marry our Data Foundation product with ClosePlan to measure the adoption and adherence to your sales methodology and validate the health of current accounts and in-flight opportunities (at scale).

Wait no longer. The always accessible data you’ve been craving to answer critical business questions and win more revenue is here now.

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