Revenue Intelligence for Manufacturing empowers manufacturers to transform their sales and marketing engine with AI-powered insights built to increase revenue

AI-Powered Insights, Tailored to Every Role

Unify all revenue activity data, and deliver truly actionable insights to help every team find new paths to revenue.

Give Sellers More Time to Sell

Ensure teams access accounts securely by signing in with Salesforce SSO.

Zero in on Decision Makers and Influencers

View the full picture of buyers with accurate title, department, and seniority attributes

Enhance Opportunity Execution

Leverage data to understand what “good” looks like and set benchmarks for your team

Ensure Optimal Account Engagement

Improve coaching and maximize win potential with engagement metrics

Capabilities to Help Manufacturers Unlock Growth

Automatically capture and make sense of previously locked away data, all in a single platform built for enterprises facing a digital-first world

Auto-Populated CRM to Save Reps Time Every Week

Auto-Populated CRM to Save Reps Time Every Week

Auto-capture business activities related to revenue such as email, video conferencing, contacts, and meetings

  • Save reps the 15% of the time they spend on CRM every week and let them use it to grow your business
  • Deliver real-time business activity data that lights up other enterprise systems

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Customizable Relationship Maps and Account Plans

Customizable Relationship Maps and Account Plans

Maximize sales reps’ ability to build and execute strategic account plans with rich tools embedded directly into your CRM

  • Engage buyers and mobilize champions with auto-populated, dynamic SmartMaps
  • See where products have deployed and which business units are prospects for additional offerings

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AI-Powered Coaching Recommendations

AI-Powered Coaching Recommendations

Dive into the details of every metric and centralize information along with AI-powered talking points that highlight coachable moments

  • Create leading indicators to benchmark sales team performance and customize them to your sales process
  • Gain complete visibility into what behavior is working and what’s not, and optimize for maximum business impact

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