Product Launch Recap: Clarity to Sell Above the Line

January 23, 2023
Product Launch Recap: Clarity to Sell Above the Line

Stephanie Madsen

Director, Product Marketing

Stephanie Madsen
Product Launch Recap: Clarity to Sell Above the Line

What do RevOps and DJ-songwriter Zedd have in common? They’ve both been chasing Clarity for the past 10 + years. 

Look no further - is serving up crystal-clear visibility, all in your CRM. 

Last week, Thomas Brence, our VP of Marketing, hosted our January product launch centered around how RevOps can gain clarity and better execute in 2023. Missed it? I’ve got you covered with a recording and a post-event recap! 

First up, Thomas welcomed Jesse Daily, VP of Solution Engineering, for a fireside chat to discuss the current state of RevOps. Based on Jesse’s wealth of experience selling to enterprise executives and RevOps leaders, he shared three themes he’s currently seeing leaders obsess over in the field. 

Obsession 1: Winning More Revenue

On the surface, this may seem like an obvious focus for any business executive or RevOps leader. But with the current state of the economic environment, this theme is becoming more and more prominent as a major shift is occurring. Today, instead of shouting “growth at all costs” from the rooftops, companies are pivoting from a growth mindset to a profitability mindset and seeking to do more with less. 

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The current industry standard for customer churn is 5%. While good, when the economy isn’t thriving (whomp, whomp) – Every. Penny. Counts. 

Obsession 2: Protecting Their Customer Base 

This means customers are actively evaluating every spend and rapidly consolidating their tech stacks. Meaning, you need to protect your customer base (at all costs). With a 5% increase in customer retention, profits can increase by more than 25% over time. Now is the time to validate that you have the right internal resources deployed to support your existing customer base. 

Obsession 3: Above-the-Line Selling

Buyer groups are getting more and more complex and you can no longer execute deals with the same “below-the-line” buyers (e.g., directors or managers). Instead, you need to practice “above-the-line” selling (e.g., VPs and other execs). 

Boldly stated, sales teams need to involve the CFO in every deal in 2023. And to determine if your team is engaging these newer, complex buyer groups you’ll need data you can trust

Getting Views from the Field 

Next, Thomas Wyatt, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, and Dani Storlie, VP of Product Design, took the mic to showcase how executives and RevOps leaders can gain clarity into what’s happening in the field to maximize sales performance and do more with less - all through the lens of 

Typically, RevOps leaders are asked to answer critical business questions and – based on those answers – executives make difficult decisions and take massive action. But, what if you can’t easily (or confidently) answer those questions? 

Good news!  Engagement Dashboards are here to surface complete and accurate engagement data you can trust to quickly and easily answer those difficult questions (day or night). Now, these dashboards are enhanced with Boards - a configurable, roll-up view you and your executives have been seeking as your always up-to-date, holistic view of what’s happening in the field. No more digging for data – it’s one click away. Oh, and no business intelligence tools or highly skilled engineers or data scientists are needed! 

The showcase continued with the announcement of CRM Connect - a simple, cost-effective way to unify data from multiple CRMs into a single, easy-to-use engagement table. Now, GTM teams can finally work off a single source of complete and accurate data – without the cost and complexity of traditional multi-CRM environments. By unlocking data from multiple CRMs, revenue teams can easily identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities within existing customers, run an efficient and effective sales cycle with complete visibility into all customer activities, and ultimately drive additional revenue. 

Eyes on Education

Lastly, Cody Dishman, Director of Customer Education & Enablement, brought us home from his “Cloffice” with an inside look into our new University. You asked, we listened - University now offers on-demand customer education to help you master (quicker). 

Enroll in an easy-to-consume course specifically designed for your role or search by product. If you’re looking to drive internal adoption of, accelerate the value of your investment, or easily educate and onboard new hires. 

Sign up now! Added plus: you can even earn accreditation by signing up for our Admin 101 course! 

Learn More About Our New Enhancements and Get a Demo

That’s a wrap on our January Product Launch! Thank you to our presenters, loyal customers, everyone who joined us live, and YOU (who’s clearly digging this recap).  

To close, I’d like to loosely (ok, very loosely) quote “Clarity” by Zedd featuring Foxes:

If your data is a tragedy, is your remedy 

If your data is insanity, is your clarity 

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