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Virtual Launch Event: Connect With The Buyers Who Matter Most With AI-powered Relationship Intelligence

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Building the right sales relationships to close deals today is tough. According to Forrester, 63% of purchases have more than four people involved, and buying groups usually include different roles from different departments. And with more and more of the buyer's journey taking place online or through other digital channels, that means less direct engagement between reps and customers.

More people to win over, less time to do it. It’s like speed dating.

Check out our on-demand virtual launch event from Valentine's Day 2023 to learn how to build the best relationships with your most significant stakeholders (outside your family and other loved ones, of course).

Hear from our executive team and Anne Slough, Principal Analyst at Forrester, on the trends they're seeing with revenue tools and how sales teams are building lasting relationships in today’s digital economy. Then, we unveil and demo some groundbreaking product capabilities, including AI-powered relationship intelligence, that help you:

  • Expand your knowledge of buying groups in focus accounts to build more pipeline
  • Understand which of those buyers matter most to convert pipeline to revenue
  • Know exactly when and how to engage them for the fastest path to close

No more missed connections! View our virtual event today to build relationships with the right people, in the right accounts, and win larger deals, faster. Your execs, board members, and shareholders will love you for it.

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