July 27, 2021

People.ai Announces New Account Planning Capabilities

People.ai Announces New Account Planning Capabilities

Thomas Wyatt

Thomas Wyatt
People.ai Announces New Account Planning Capabilities

In one Gartner study, only 28% of sales leaders reported that the account management process regularly met their cross-selling and account growth targets. Or, to put it another way: nearly 70% of leaders are missing targets due to ineffective account management. 

So what is it about account planning that’s just so hard to get right? One big problem is the technology itself—most account planning software today is clunky and often tacked on as (yet another) point solution. Which only spells trouble when it comes to rep adoption, maintaining updates, and providing the visibility into the engagement that leaders need to plan the path to revenue.

At People.ai, our mission is to help companies harness business activity to unlock growth. By automatically capturing details around engagement—whether it’s the activities reps are spending their time on, how much time those activities are taking, and the people they’re engaging with throughout the process—customers can finally have real answers around questions like:

  • Which accounts are getting the right amount of engagement?
  • What does “the right amount of engagement” look like?
  • Who are the personas we’re engaging and how often?
  • Who else in my company has an existing relationship we can leverage?

Announcing Account Planning by People.ai

For years companies have relied on People.ai to auto-populate their CRM with business activity data such as email, meetings, and contacts. 

With today’s announcement, customers can combine the power of People.ai’s data with Salesforce native account planning capabilities to gain a true understanding of account health while helping reps develop the value-driven relationships that maximize revenue through strategic expansion.

Account Whitespace Maps

See where products have been deployed and which business units are prospects for your offerings.

  • Visualize Your TAM: Easily assess where the most effective route to revenue lies within existing accounts
  • Tailored to Different GTM Teams: Customize and deploy maps to support the different GTM teams and workflows required to support a single account

Account Scorecards 

Capture customer or prospect health and engagement with customizable, out-of-the-box scorecards.

  • Stay Ahead of Risk: Automatically capture summarized health and opportunity scores to guide coaching sessions
  • Customized To Your Business: Add weighted scoring to individual section categories and build scorecards based on your methodology or GTM motion
  • Gain True Visibility: Align GTM team members around engagement history and current health with embedded scorecards right inside Salesforce

Account Maps

Remove buyer blind spots with relationship maps that automatically populate contacts and reduce manual data entry for reps.

  • Easy to Use: Automatically capture engaged contacts to drag and drop into SmartMaps, making it easier for reps to keep maps up to date
  • Know The Playing Field: Visualize where contacts have significant power, the support role they play, and the influence they have across teams and departments
  • Align GTM Teams: Ensure everyone, from marketing to sales to services, has a clear understanding of the existing relationships on accounts and historic engagement trends

Build and Execute Strategic Account Plans with People.ai

Teams that deliver ongoing customer improvement conversations—like those that can be identified through effective account planning—increase their ability to grow that account by 48% and increase the likelihood of renewing or retaining the same amount of spending by 94%.

With People.ai’s new capabilities, determining the strategy around account planning and territory management suddenly becomes so much clearer: not only around how many accounts per rep but how much work it takes to actually drive meaningful engagement. 

If you’re ready to re-think how you’ve been approaching account planning, we’re here to help. Reach out to a team member today to get the conversation started.

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