Today’s B2B buyers are anonymous, fragmented and resistant.

Today’s B2B buyers are anonymous, fragmented and resistant.

Together, 6sense + enable revenue teams to prioritize the right leads, easily uncover in market accounts and all relevant members of buying teams

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Key Benefits / Features

Key Benefits / Features

  • Automatically uncover and update all contacts and contact roles engaged in buying cycles.
  • Enhance predictive models with activities recorded in CRM to better prioritize lead and contact engagement
  • Give a complete picture of sales of all engagement and reach within accounts
  • Engage the right contacts with the right content and campaigns at the right time
  • Identify and correct engagement gaps for high-value in-market accounts.
  • How It Works

    6sense delivers AI insights that give revenue teams the ability to uncover demand signals, prioritize accounts and actions, and engage B2B buying teams.’s Enterprise Revenue Intelligence Solution captures all CRM activities, contacts, and contact roles for accounts engaged in deal cycles — and keeps them evergreen with continually updated information.

    With 6sense and, you can uncover the complete buying team for in market accounts, enhance predictions and prioritization for leads and contacts, and orchestrate engagement with high-value, priority accounts.

    Powering Revenue Velocity at Leading Enterprises