We work, where you work

We work, where you work

The People.ai bot for Slack puts AI-powered insights, a modernized CRM, and a streamlined workflow directly in the hands of your sales org. People.ai captures activities between customers and your GTM teams – including relevant Slack activities – filters out private or unrelated info, and matches each activity to the corresponding account and opportunity in the CRM. Then, People.ai turns that data into action that guides your team down the path to closed-won.

The People.ai bot for Slack meets you where you are by putting AI-powered data and action directly inside everyone’s favorite app.

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Key Benefits / Features

Key Benefits / Features

  • Remove manual data entry from reps’ to-do list - automatically capture Slack activities and match to the correct account and opportunity in the CRM
  • Unify conversations with prospects across Slack, email, LinkedIn, and meetings and get insights around at-risk deals, suggested next steps, and detailed account summaries
  • Ensure every engaged prospect is captured and enriched in the CRM. Every new contact your team engages with in Slack is captured and created as a new contact in the CRM, automatically associated with the right account and opportunity and enriched with seniority level, buying power, and engagement score.
  • Eliminate the manual burden of navigating to and updating Salesforce by updating CRM fields directly in Slack
  • Coming soon - Get real-time answers to all of your pipeline-related questions. For example, “Hey People.ai, what is the latest on this deal?”, and get a breakdown of the latest developments in the opportunity, potential risks, and the path to closing
  • Connect to Slack

    You must be an admin in both People.ai and Slack to connect to Slack.

    1. In People.ai applications, go to Settings > Integrations > Slack.

    2. Click Authorize Slack. You’re redirected to Slack, and asked to choose your Slack workspace.

    3. Sign in to your Slack workspace.

    4. In the permission request page, click Allow to give People.ai access to Slack. You’re redirected back to our applications page. You are now connected to Slack.

    5. If you want to turn on Slack notifications for People.ai users, enable notifications under configurations profile.

    Julie Champion

    "We've had more visibility into data than we ever have and I absolutely attribute that to People.ai"

    Julie Champion

    SVP, Global Sales Operations