Execute the Perfect Sales Play With a Revenue Co-Pilot

October 20, 2020
Execute the Perfect Sales Play With a Revenue Co-Pilot

Justin Shriber

Justin Shriber
Execute the Perfect Sales Play With a Revenue Co-Pilot

“I just sold another case of avocados. It’s going to be a good day.” 

An elated rep from a national food distributor jumped into a dusty car and headed off to his next appointment. He was on a roll. Seated next to him was an account executive from Oracle--one of the best on my team. He’d figured out a sure fire way to help customers see the value of our CRM solution. He called it the “ride along”. 

The idea was pretty simple—ride shotgun with a prospect, helping them navigate the highways, city streets, and backroads of their territories. In the process, he’d watch their sales approach, picking the right moment to demonstrate how Oracle’s tools could help them take their game to the next level. Funny thing is, it didn’t take long for people to see him as a co-pilot, helping them to get from point A to point B while sharing observations and offering up new ideas on how to close business and hit quota faster.  

The idea of equipping every sales manager and rep with a personal co-pilot inspired us to build the newly released People.ai Sales Solution. We’re excited to see the potential that it unleashes. Here’s just a sample of how life changes for your sales team once People.ai is at their side.

The Sales Rep Experience

  • Mobilize Influencers and Champions
    Imagine dropping relationship maps into CRM that automatically display every contact your company has touched with associated reporting structures, lines of influence and a complete engagement history. With People.ai, sellers can zero in on the contacts they should turn into champions and the colleagues who can make warm introductions.  Best of all, reps can focus on selling rather than entering data since People.ai auto-populates CRM.   
  • Focus on Deals Reps Can Win 
    What if every sales rep used your company’s opportunity qualification methodology flawlessly to prioritize deals, evaluate deal progression and determine how best to proceed? People.ai embeds industry leading sales methodologies as well as your company’s custom scorecards in CRM where they become part of the reps daily workflow.    
  • Execute the Perfect Sale Plays
    Once reps zero in on their best deals and map the key players in the account, what if they could get real-time input on the actions that would lead to a win? People.ai uses AI to analyze the contacts and activities associated with a deal and then serves up recommendations that contribute to shorter sales cycles and higher win rates. We’re the co-pilot reps rely on to get to quota faster.

The Manager Experience

  • Benchmark Top Performers
    Managers know who their best reps are, but what if they could pinpoint exactly what those reps do to deliver quarter over quarter?  People.ai analyzes the  business activity of everyone in the sales team to create sales benchmarks and leading indicators based on how top performers behave. Then we flag the gaps between your strongest players and those who are coming up short.  
  • Pinpoint Coaching Opportunities
    As a sales manager, imagine walking into a one-on-one with a complete breakdown of your reps’ activity, deal progression and areas where they could use your help.  Armed with that kind of information, you’d spend 100% of your time on issues that will help your rep, your team and your company hit growth targets. That’s the essence of the co-pilot experience People.ai serves up to the manager.

People.ai at Tibco

I recently caught up with Kishen Mistry from Tibco’s Sales Excellence team. I like the way he broke down the impact of People.ai. 

“Coaching is a key area that People.ai is helping us with. We can look at trends, evaluate leading indicators, and use those as the basis of conversations.”  

He highlighted the fact that managers can now analyze how reps allocate time, identify high-value opportunities that warrant more focus, and determine the incremental activities that could improve performance. 

“Even with an Account Executive who’s hitting all the right metrics, we can often surface an insight from People.ai that will give them a crucial few percentage points of improvement.”   

Interested In Learning More?

The “ride along” strategy we used back at Oracle taught me that regardless of the industry they serve or the products they sell, sales professionals do better when they’re not flying solo.  If you’re ready to put a co-pilot next to your reps and managers, hit the demo button below and we’ll show you how.

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