March 22, 2022 Named a Leader in 5 Enterprise G2 Spring Grid Reports Named a Leader in 5 Enterprise G2 Spring Grid Reports

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The results are in! We are proud to announce that has been named a leader on five enterprise G2 spring grids, including the enterprise grids for Sales Intelligence, Sales Performance Management, and Sales Coaching.

As enterprise buyers prioritize a data-first approach to accelerate their growth these categories have become increasingly more important and more saturated. That’s exactly what is helping our customers achieve — next-generation revenue intelligence to accelerate pipeline generation and transform sales performance.

G2 Grid Reports are based on real customer reviews and take customer satisfaction and market presence into account. 
These awards are a testament to one of our most important company values: the customer is everything. It all comes back to the results that we deliver to our customers. Here’s what some of our customers had to say that led us to the top of the grids:

  • “It is hard to say which feature of I like best. The integration with Salesforce which logs activities automatically without issue, or creates contacts that we never would have captured otherwise is pretty cool.”
  • “The accuracy of the platform is great! Once integrated with Salesforce, it gives you insights into your business process that are not easily visible with Salesforce.”
  • “The insight that the platform provides is beyond what any other vendor/technology can provide us today. provides the ability to filter through the noise of an opportunity/account and get directly to the relevant engagement providing visibility to the traction and competency we have with that customer.”
  • “With the new automation, we are able to quickly analyze the gaps in our funnel and the overall engagement.”
  • “The deeper impact is the ability to assess where we are spending our time and resources. With our leading indicators dashboard, you can ensure your team is doing to right activities.”
  • “It is extremely beneficial when it comes to overall productivity for the sales team. The email sync is a true game-changer, giving sales more time to actually sell while keeping account data metrics current.”

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The next generation of go-to-market requires sales and marketing to put customer engagement at the center of everything — and you need actionable data insights to do that. 

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