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About the Author

Our Mission

Future-proof your business 
with AI-first GTM solutions that drive sustained growth and innovation

Our Vision is empowering a future where every aspect of go-to-market operations is optimized and productivity is supercharged with AI. Driven by innovation, we provide organizations with the “how” to thrive in this data-enhanced, AI-first world.

Our Story

Before, every rep was also a detective, working like Sherlock Holmes to uncover the story of each deal. The data was scattered everywhere - in emails, calendar entries, Slack messages, call recordings, and more. It took hours and hours to piece it all together into something a rep or sales leader could use to move a deal forward. was founded in 2016 to solve this problem by automating the capture of all GTM team activities and helping organizations build a robust and accurate data foundation that reveals what’s really going on in the business.

Today, we are taking sales technology to the next level by leveraging best-in-class generative AI to help our customers unleash the full value of the data foundation they’ve built using our solutions.

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