Case Study

Vonage Focuses on Account-Based Selling and Increases Customer Engagement with


Vonage is a global leader in cloud communications, helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation with flexible, intelligent and personalized communications solutions.


Activity tracking, sales coaching


  • Lack of reliable CRM data
  • Management had limited visibility into the GTM activities happening across accounts and opportunities
  • Ineffective sales coaching due to limited visibility into rep activity


  • Acceleration of deal cycles with prescriptive customer conversation
  • Enhanced activity insights and proactive sales coaching with Data Foundation
  • Improved visibility into cross-selling and upselling opportunities with 98% accurate CRM data

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The Vonage Communications Platform (VCP), is fully programmable and allows for the integration of Video, Voice, Chat, Messaging, AI and Verification into existing products, workflows and systems – enabling businesses to easily build intelligent, intuitive customer experiences across any channel and on any device for better customer engagement., Vonage’s Conversational Commerce application enables businesses to create AIpowered omnichannel experiences that boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. Vonage’s fully programmable unified communications, contact center and conversational commerce applications are built from the Vonage platform and enable companies to transform how they communicate and operate from the office or remotely – providing the flexibility required to create meaningful engagements.

Vonage partnered with, the leading enterprise revenue intelligence platform, for its API team to help build better connections, improve insights and deliver the best possible customer experiences. The partnership has led to greater customer engagement by helping Vonage’s sales team members to track and analyze customer interactions including client phone calls with clients, meetings, emails and other activities, together with additional data points that provide sales leadership with actionable insights on team members’ level of engagement with customers.

"Our sales leaders now have additional intelligence and insight into the health of our client accounts and their engagement with prospects and customers. really helped us through its analytics."
Terry Bird
Vice President, Sales Enablement, Vonage

Improving Collaboration Between Sales Rep and Sales Leader

Vonage’s sales leaders wanted to improve their coaching culture and account-based selling in order to boost reps’ productivity and better understand where they should spend their time.

Vonage sales team members are expected to regularly engage with customers to help ensure customers understand the benefits of using the platform. To do this, it’s important for sales leaders to have visibility into how often customers are being engaged.

Vonage needed a solution that would provide more visibility into a sales team member’s account to drive targeted coaching and achieve their goals, while reps needed to be empowered with data and insights that allowed them to provide continuous value to customers.

“For leaders to recommend effective ways that a sales team member could improve their approach, upsell or use specific tools for specific parts of the sales cycle, they required more insight into the activity with each customer account. This would boost coaching efforts, empower sales teams and ultimately lead to better customer engagement and a better experience” – Bird said.

Enhanced Insights and Coaching with Data Foundation’s Help

The Vonage team knew that being forward-thinking was the way to advance its go-to-market capabilities and address the needs of its API sales teams. Vonage looked to’s Data Foundation, a platform that automatically captures all buyer and seller activity, to be at the forefront of this account-based selling and engagement effort.

“We wanted to ensure that our teams fully understood the power of their tools and that they were getting the most from them. That came from effective launch enablement and perpetual measurement of tool adoption, usage and the level of insights they’re getting so that momentum can continue to be built,” Bird said. “Data Foundation helped accelerate these conversations with the data it provided to sales teams, showing which tools pushed the needle at specific parts of the sales cycle.”

Additionally, Data Foundation’s AI-powered insights allowed Vonage to:

  • See exactly who was engaged and the activities
    associated with every account and opportunity
  • Receive alerts for missing executive engagement
  • Trust that the right data made it into its CRM with
    advanced filtering

With more insights and data in sales leaders’ hands, they could do more active coaching with reps.

“Thanks to, now there are more educated and informed discussions between sales leaders and reps about the opportunities they’re working on, insights into deal health, and the engagement within that account,” Bird said.

Data Foundation also allowed Vonage to pull sales data that had 98% accuracy, offering greater visibility into cross-selling and upselling opportunities. It allowed sales leaders to see what was happening in engagement across the different product sets.