Cooking with AI: How to Engage the Right Accounts & the Right People (A Closed-Won Recipe)


Are you ready to unlock the recipe for a successful go-to-market (GTM) strategy? One that includes the use of generative AI? Cue the Chef’s Kiss - you’ve come to the right place! 

In today’s rapidly evolving GTM landscape, closing new business and retaining existing customers is more difficult than ever. If you’re a Sales or RevOps Leader looking to improve how you run your GTM, the secret path to closed-won, and how to out-perform your competition - now is the time to take a bite out of generative AI!

Like your family when dessert is served, AI is here to stay - might as well indulge! This recipe for better pipeline performance goes well beyond your stale CRM data. Your GTM team will be asking for seconds. 

Join us for a multi-course product launch event where we serve up current GTM trends, provide bite-size best practices from current customers, and for our main course - the launch of our most recent AI-powered enhancements! We will share a step-by-step recipe for success, where you’ll learn to:   

  • Validate key account and persona engagements to ensure you’re spending time with the right accounts and right people
  • Understand who has the power to purchase in order to increase win rates and shorten sales cycles
  • Leverage AI-driven next best action recommendations for accounts, opportunities, and team coaching
  • Improve forecast accuracy by identifying patterns and trends using historical data 

Secure your seat today and prepare to immerse yourself in generative AI and product enhancements - curated with you in mind, so you can win more revenue!

See you there!

Cooking with AI: How to Engage the Right Accounts & the Right People (A Closed-Won Recipe)
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