Webinar: Ride the Wave: Empowering Sales Leader Coaching (with Generative AI)


Join our webinar on June 22 at 11:00 a.m. PT

Join us for an exciting event that promises to transform the way Sales Leaders coach their reps, amidst the rise of generative AI services, like ChatGPT, and large language models. With AI technology here to stay, it's time to ask yourself: will you sink or swim?

Introducing our latest product launch, Ride the Wave: Empowering Sales Leader Coaching (with Generative AI). Our carefully curated event is designed to:

  • Provide Sales Leaders with the latest industry trends in both sales and AI technology
  • Deliver real-world coaching insights from Enterprise sales leaders, and
  • Offer strategies to overcome current coaching challenges using AI, data, and technology

During the event, you’ll get a front-row seat to our latest advancements in generative AI and LLM technology, and learn how to embrace these powerful tools to improve your sales coaching and boost your team's performance.

Don't miss this opportunity to catch the wave of change and transform your sales leadership coaching! Secure your spot today for our live event on June 22nd at 11 am PT.


Jonathan Buckle, VP Americas Sales, Black Box 

Joel Semmelhack, VP Enterprise Sales Midwest, Okta 

Jill Brown, North America VP of Sales, People.ai 

Victor Oliveros, VP of Product Management, People.ai

Stephanie Madsen, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, People.ai

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