March 15, 2023

3 Ways Zoom and Are Bringing AI to the Forefront of Sales

Stephanie Madsen
3 Ways Zoom and Are Bringing AI to the Forefront of Sales

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If you’re like me, you can’t open your email, LinkedIn, or mindlessly scroll Instagram without reading headline after headline about ChatGPT. Yet, here I am. 

True or false: Technologies like ChatGPT aren’t new. Read on to find out…

Last week, Enrique Plaza Garcia, my partner in Product Marketing at Zoom, hosted a webinar, “How AI is driving sales results (and what’s next!).” If you couldn’t join live, you’ve come to the right place – here’s where you can find the recording. Want a preview of what to expect? Read on for my post-event recap.

The school of AI 

Enrique provided us with a crash course on the evolution of artificial intelligence – which dates back to the 1950s!

Confirming: True – technologies, like ChatGPT, that use large language models (LLMs) and generative AI have been around for years. 

After Enrique took us to school, he outlined where revenue generators can leverage generative AI today (think prospect research, email templates, etc.) and where they can’t – at least not yet. Homework assignment, anyone? 

The answer is AI

Next, Enrique leveled-up the conversation by welcoming Kenny Scannell, Head of Zoom IQ for Sales at Zoom, and Zack Sikora, CRO at, to a fireside chat centered around how revenue teams can use AI –today! The future is now.

Today, revenue leaders around the globe are using AI to solve critical GTM issues such as: 

  1. Not spending enough time with customers (only 22%, to be exact).
  2. Navigating complex buyer groups (averaging 6 to 10 decision-makers per deal).
  3. Insufficient and inefficient coaching (managers only allocate a measly 14% of their time to coaching).

So, how exactly can AI help in these three areas? Read on for my CliffsNotes.

1. Remove menial tasks and distractions, freeing up time to focus on customers 

Administrative work (like updating your CRM) and sharing deal context with internal stakeholders (over and over) are two major points of friction preventing sellers from…well, selling! Removing these menial and time-consuming tasks is THE entry point to utilizing AI in sales (i.e., low risk, high reward).  

Today, revenue teams are using technologies like and Zoom IQ for Sales to capture all customer engagements, provide complete visibility into these engagements, and surface insights (e.g.,  single-threaded, or no next steps) to help you derisk deals and win more revenue. 

2. Confirm engagement with the right accounts, with the right people, at the right time

With the macroeconomic environment, buyer groups are getting larger and more complex. We’ve all seen deals slip because a seller was overly invested in the wrong people. 

Traditionally, revenue leaders don’t have visibility into these risky behaviors - until now. With and Zoom IQ for Sales engagement data is complete, accurate, and visible within the tools you already use - allowing revenue leaders to visualize the entire buying group, confirm sellers are multi-threaded, and validate key persona engagement to ensure deals get done.

3. Surface the facts and remove the feelings, empowering coaches everywhere

If you’re a leader and you’ve been asked to do more with less, my guess is allocating time to coach is something you’ve pushed off once or twice. Why? Probably because it requires a significant amount of time and energy to REALLY understand who's performing, who isn’t, and why – until now! and Zoom IQ for Sales make coaching easier than ever. With complete data and AI insights, let automation do the heavy lifting by surfacing the facts and removing the feelings. In seconds, deeply understand who’s exceeding, meeting, or missing key targets. For those missing the mark, provide them with the exact playbook other reps use to see success such as actively listening, following your sales methodology, multi-threading, and engaging executives.

Bonus: We’re better together

What’s better than two AI-driven platforms? One unified experience! Enrique welcomed Thomas Wyatt, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, to share how and Zoom IQ for Sales have partnered to combine the power of data automation, contact enrichment, and conversation intelligence in a single, holistic view. 

By providing complete visibility into buyers’ roles and engagement levels across all digital touchpoints (in the same systems they already use today) sales teams can strategically plot the next steps with the right people and personas to grow pipeline, increase deal size, improve win rate, and shorten sales cycles.

School’s out. What’s Next? 

Extra credit: After you watch our on-demand webinar with Zoom, be one of the first to leverage our new partnership and achieve unprecedented insights and a more predictable pipeline by requesting a demo now.

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