February 15, 2024

Future-proof your Business: Unlock the complete story of your GTM with SalesAI

Jessica Denny
Future-proof your Business: Unlock the complete story of your GTM with SalesAI

2024 is the year of AI Maturity. If you’re like many other sales leaders out there, you’re thinking about how to unlock the power of AI for your organization. And, more specifically, how to do it the right way, so your teams are set up for success. You understand the risks of moving too slowly and not being able to catch up.

Let us introduce you to SalesAI!

SalesAI–our fully integrated generative AI sales solution–is now available! SalesAI is revolutionizing the way company leaders and go-to-market (GTM) teams approach revenue, team structure and coaching, and GTM execution.

AI can feel complicated, but it doesn't have to. That's why we created SalesAI. Now, your whole GTM organization can be set up for success with automated workflows, real-time data-driven insights, proactive coaching, forecasts based on facts, hyper-personalized emails, meeting and call summaries, and so much more! All within the tools they already know and love. 

SalesAI is like nothing you’ve seen before. See this amazing technology in action:

From Blind Spots to Total Clarity: Unobstructed Business Visibility and Data-Driven Decision-Making

AI-powered analysis, recommended next steps, and proactive risk mitigation

SalesAI provides leaders with an unobstructed, complete, and accurate view of the business. You will have the ability to get deal and customer analysis, best next steps, and surface deal risks. No more blind spots or surprises.

A view of SalesAI with a deal summary for "Apex Global" with Key Topics, Next Steps, and Blockers

SalesAI provides the best GTM insights on the market because it was designed specifically for sales organizations' and GTM teams' specific needs and challenges. It is a function-specific model, trained with function-specific prompts, that will speak the language of your team. The quality and breadth of People.ai’s data is unmatched. SalesAI is trained on trillions of anonymized pipeline and activity data points captured over the last decade. This prevents the “captain obvious” answers and allows SalesAI to give meaningful, actionable responses to your questions. 

For example, you can ask SalesAI, “Get me up to speed on this deal. Provide a high-level overview of strengths, weaknesses, and key personas.”

Screenshot of salesperson asking SalesAI Chatbot to get them up to speed on a deal with answers.

SalesAI is taking the guesswork out of selling. Your entire GTM team will be equipped with data-driven insights to make smarter, faster decisions. And because of SalesAI's unmatched data foundation, your analysis will be enriched with additional data from the public internet, unlocking the complete picture.

Accelerating Sales Performance with Real-Time Responses and Proactive Guidance

Sales AI provides instant answers to account, opportunity, and team questions

Get instant answers to your burning questions and empower your sales leaders to make quick, informed decisions to keep deals moving fast and your team performing at its prime. 

With SalesAI, you’ll get proactive guidance on how to optimize sales leadership to span across larger teams and surface best practices from top-performing reps for more impactful coaching.

Construct the ideal buying group for every deal with buyer benchmarks and insights. Use SalesAI to continuously and proactively identify inefficiencies and risks across every team, account, and opportunity.

With real-time insights like these, your team is set up to scale revenue effectively, tighten deal execution, and shorten sales cycles. But none of that would be possible without People.ai’s best-in-class data foundation.

The Key to AI Success is Harnessing the Power of (Complete) Data

Unlocking your data is the key to getting real value from AI.

Even with other AI tools on the market, if you don't have the data foundation you need, you’re going to be disappointed by the basic AI outputs they provide. Investing in an AI tool without the proper data foundation will leave you making critical decisions with only half the story, or even worse, with incorrect or missing information.

With People.ai, your CRM gets fed complete, accurate, and enriched data from day one. Think of all the activities and interactions (meetings, Zoom calls, emails, LinkedIn messages, Slack messages, etc.) that happen through every stage of the customer journey. By automating your sales activity capture, SalesAI can then do the heavy lifting of unifying all that data and give you a truly holistic understanding of your business.

Because of this data treasure trove, SalesAI can then serve up real-time account, deal, and team insights and answer your most pressing questions. Unlike a tool without the People.ai data foundation advantage.

Here is an example of AI outputs with bad vs. good data: 

That all sounds amazing, right? Want to start implementing these game-changers for your sales team, but worried about privacy? We have you covered. 

With great data comes great responsibility

Privacy and trust

With great data comes great responsibility. Privacy and trust are at the core of everything we do at People.ai. We understand the great responsibility to protect the data entrusted to us, which is why People.ai has some of the most stringent privacy guidelines in the industry. 

Unlike public generative, SalesAI keeps your business information confidential. SalesAI acts as a proxy layer between your organization and public generative AI tools so you can confidently leverage the power of LLMs while ensuring the privacy and security of your valuable company data.

Our vision for the future

At People.ai, we envision a future where every aspect of enterprise go-to-market operations is optimized and productivity is supercharged with AI and automation. In this future, there is no place for manual data entry, updating your forecast in a spreadsheet or legacy SaaS tools, sending hundreds of mail-merge emails to a bunch of prospects who’ve never heard of you, showing up to customer meetings with generic decks, or coaching your teams based on anecdotes. This is just the beginning. Every day we’re getting more and more data, building impactful partnerships and integrations, and innovating our truly native AI.

With SalesAI this future is possible now. And there’s never been a better time to get a leg up on the competition. 

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