August 15, 2023

Generative AI is About to Change the Way Your Team Sells - Here’s How

Victor Oliveros
Generative AI is About to Change the Way Your Team Sells - Here’s How

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Generative AI has the potential to transform the way your team sells. Learn more about this innovative technology and how your sales organization can start using it today. 

The buzz surrounding generative AI is growing and getting hard to ignore - for good reason. Organizations that operationalize generative AI early have the opportunity to become disrupters in their space by getting to market faster with data-driven precision. The technology represents a transformative shift away from the complexity of big data toward lowering the barrier to entry for data access and innovation across business operations. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2025, 75% of B2B sales organizations will use both AI and traditional sales solutions.1

Right now, sales organizations are getting a partial introduction to the technology with limited use cases. But its full potential has yet to be fully realized or even understood since most organizations are still developing their generative AI solutions (hint: ask us how is different in this regard). It’s time to change that. Here is an overview of what generative AI can do for sales organizations today - and where it’s going in the future (with the right technology partner). 

What is generative AI and how can it help my sales organization?

Data has become the crucial differentiator in enterprise sales, underpinning customer engagement, sales interactions, and CRM. But few companies have realized the potential of this data because it's challenging, time-consuming, and costly to train employees to analyze and act on hundreds of data points. Most salespeople aren't data-savvy so they don't know how to unlock the potential of data and leverage it as a competitive differentiator. Generative AI’s natural language capabilities and human-like responses are the bridge between the data and your sales team’s ability to understand and use it in their day-to-day, real-time decision-making. The combination of data and AI revolutionizes enterprise sales, promising optimal efficiency, customer-centricity, and effectiveness. It’s the next step in realizing the full potential of revenue intelligence – making insights automated, personalized, and immediately actionable.

Download a useful list of generative AI use cases for sales

Generative AI’s natural language capabilities and human-like responses are the bridge between the data and your sales team’s ability to understand and use it in their day-to-day, real-time decision-making.

Today, enterprise sales teams can leverage generative AI to help enhance and automate real-world processes. They can use it to craft customer communications, summarize meetings, provide sentiment analysis, and more. But these use cases are just a basic introduction to what the technology can really do. It can also provide intelligent business insights: predict sales trends, identify opportunities at risk, recommend champions and buyers, and do general analyses of sales data. 

Fulfill the promise of your CRM

Remember when CRMs first arrived and we thought they were going to instantly give us all the insights we needed to make smarter strategic decisions and enable our teams to sell more, faster? Generative AI models trained for sales use cases with the right data is the key to unlocking the promise of your CRM. It’s the last-mile solution to help sales teams easily unlock insights trapped in all of that captured data. What do I mean by “easily”? 

  • Embedded natively and seamlessly inside the sales tools you’re already using. CRM, email, and collaboration tools.
  • Sales rituals and sales tools remain the same. 
  • Data expertise not required. You don’t need to be data fluent to get the benefits of the data.
  • No more business intelligence tools or static spreadsheets. We can all stop trying to become reporting experts. Generative AI does it for you in real-time. 
  • It costs a lot less than you think. You will not have to spend millions re-enabling your sales team.

All of this is possible. With the right technology partner.

Public vs. proprietary generative AI tools

Publicly-available generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard are a great way to start exploring the potential of the technology. But their usefulness is limited due to:

  1. Privacy concerns: Organizations cannot leverage proprietary data in a public generative AI tool due to risk of exposure and data leaks. In addition to potentially exposing confidential company information and personal data, do you really want to risk giving your competitors a look at all of the deals in your pipeline, account plans, revenue projections, product roadmaps, etc? 

The alternative is a proprietary generative AI solution which protects all data by acting as a proxy layer between your organization and the public domain. All data entered into the tool stays within the tool for your use only and is never used to train models, accidentally shared with competitors, or leaked. 

  1. Generality: Public generative AI tools are generalists, trained on massive amounts of data from a wide range of topics. They are the Swiss Army Knives of generative AI. 

Specialized tools like the ones developed for sales organizations by are trained on massive amounts of data relevant to sales teams, making them the chef’s knife of generative AI. To win the trust of sellers and be viewed as an advisor, you need domain-specific models, trained with domain-specific prompts, in order to allow models to respond in a meaningful way. 

Data in, data out

There’s a secret behind developing a truly valuable generative AI tool. It’s the data. When models are trained on robust, clean, and specialized data, the insights it produces are insightful and actionable. The opposite is also true. When a model is trained on superficial and generalized information, the insights produced are general and useless.

A generative AI model trained with CRM data only.

The very best specialized generative AI tools for sales teams leverage automated activity capture to generate a 360 degree view of what’s going on in an account, opportunity, and across team performance. Rather than relying on anecdotal data entered by sales reps into a CRM, every single interaction between a sales team and a customer (think: email, virtual meeting, in-person meeting, demo, etc) is captured and automatically assigned to the correct contact, account, opportunity, and lead in the CRM. All of that collected information creates a data foundation on which to build intelligent AI tools.

A generative AI model trained with CRM, engagement, persona, and buyer group data.

Generative AI holds the potential to revolutionize sales rituals and enhance the productivity of sales teams. is the world’s leader in revenue intelligence, which means that our generative AI algorithms have been trained with the very best data available and provide a solution that not only enhances your sales rituals but also eases the burden of data usage. We are integrating generative AI across our entire product suite, offering capabilities right now that go far beyond generating personalized emails. 

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