Introducing A New AI-Powered Coaching Experience

August 31, 2020
Introducing A New AI-Powered Coaching Experience

Thomas Wyatt

Thomas Wyatt
Introducing A New AI-Powered Coaching Experience

At our goal has always been to harness the world’s business activity to unlock growth for enterprises of any shape and size. Since 2016, we’ve acquired some amazing customers and have experienced first hand the value that auto-populating CRM with previously intangible activity and contact data can have for an enterprise - Hundreds of thousands of warm and engaged contacts created overnight, unprecedented visibility into the marketing and sales handoff and the ability to actually trust the data in CRM.

Well, with new visibility comes new questions and we uncovered a very unique opportunity to solve what we believe is the longest standing crack in the GTM system - coaching.

Front line sales managers are arguably the most pivotal individuals on the entire GTM team. While the tried and true enterprise sales process has not changed very much over the last 30 years, managers struggle with the same old problems - and these problems have been amplified in a remote working environment:

  • Managers lack accurate and complete data - Even if they’re experienced at mashing up anecdotal information with what they see in CRM, the level of trust in that data from everyone on the GTM team is very low
  • They’re being asked to deliver more revenue per rep, without a solid and repeatable playbook for how
  • New managers are inexperienced, so they don’t know how to be a proactive coach or develop their own leadership skills

The New Sales Solution from

Today we’re excited to announce our completely new app for sales reps and front line sales managers. This new workflow leverages all of the rich automation and insights from the core platform and packages them up into a simple experience to help sales teams anticipate risks, improve coaching and drive more predictable growth for the business.

Sales Solution

Finally a True Understanding of “What Good Looks Like”

When you ask most sales leaders who their best reps are, they name them immediately. But when you ask the managers what top performers are doing differently than the rest, you often get a blank stare. What actions or behaviors do they take to help them perform at their peak potential? What does good really look like? Well, after years of studying some of the industries most successful sales leaders, we learned that most of them rely heavily on leading vs. lagging indicators. With this new Sales Solution, analyzes up to two years of data to help identify what the best in class benchmarks should be for every stage of the sales process - including pre-pipeline activity, which is otherwise uncharted territory.

“Your ultimate goal is to get as many salespeople to hit quota as possible—your leading indicator there is whether you have enough pipeline, and your leading indicator to that is activity. is getting ahead of the problem that keeps me up at night.”

Diane Palmer, Senior Director of Revenue Operations and Go to Market Strategy, New Relic

Complete Visibility into What’s Working and What’s Not

Once the benchmarks have been set, our Team Performance dashboard compares the activity of every rep to the target and shines a spotlight on team-wide patterns and individual coaching opportunities that managers should be focusing on.

Helpful Guides to Focus on Real Coaching Opportunities

With a solid handle on the overall health of your team, the Rep Performance Pages dive into the details of every metric and surface all of the relevant information that a manager needs to get to the root of the problem. And if issues arise, uses AI to detect, flag, and recommend talking points to guide 1:1 coaching conversations.

Actionable Alerts Elevate Pipeline Risk and Keep Deals on Track

With a better handle on 1:1 coaching opportunities, managers can shift their attention back to deal inspection and evaluate the real health of their teams pipeline. The Deal Room dashboard summarizes the engagement level of every opportunity in the pipeline and flags deals that need attention. The AI-powered insights provide detailed context into how engagement has changed and recommends the next best action to keep deals moving forward.

Successfully Transforming Managers into Legendary Leaders

Several of our customers have rolled out the Sales Solution to their teams and are seeing incredible adoption. Managers are using it as a guide for their 1:1s, and VPs are pulling up the dashboards in executive meetings as a backdrop for strategic conversations. We are excited to see that the Sales Solution is not only driving more productivity across sales teams, but it’s also changing the way managers think about and approach coaching their teams.

"Coaching is a key area that is helping us with. We can look at trends, evaluate leading indicators, and use those as the basis of conversations."

Kishen Mistry, Senior Manager, Sales Excellence, TIBCO Software

The magic here is the combination of clean, complete data and AI. It’s like a co-pilot for sales managers - enhancing natural coaching skills with unprecedented visibility into the performance of their team and recommendations to drive predictable growth quarter over quarter.

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