May 5, 2021 + Salesforce: Delivering Insights Where You Already Work

Thomas Wyatt + Salesforce: Delivering Insights Where You Already Work

To say that companies have invested a tremendous amount of resources in making Salesforce their core sales platform is only skimming the surface. It’s where they’re centralizing their GTM data and managing critical sales processes. But when reps can’t find what they need, they end up turning to other tools to get their jobs done. Pretty soon you’ve got managers and reps spread across a sea of tools, never really getting the full picture on areas like deal health or buyer engagement. Not only does this result in lost productivity but poor adoption and usage of the company's most essential sales asset. 

Lost sales productivity cost companies close to $1 trillion every year. Business leaders need a way to maximize the investment they’ve made in Salesforce without adding more distractions to their teams. And now with, they can. 

Introducing inside Salesforce 

For years companies have relied on to auto-populate their CRM with business activity data such as email, meetings, and contacts. With today’s announcement, businesses can now bring the power of our Sales Solution right inside Salesforce.

By bringing core components of the Sales Solution into Salesforce, managers and reps get a single place to pinpoint coaching opportunities, de-risk deals, and benchmark performance. Plus, sales ops gain complete control over curating these experiences to meet the exact needs of their business and teams.

Sales Manager Experience

Gain a single source of truth to inspect deals, coach reps, and instill rigor around your sales process. 

With the new manager experience, sales managers can:

  • Gain end-to-end visibility into account health, opportunity execution, and rep performance
  • Operationalize sales processes around account planning and opportunity execution 
  • Ensure reps are following best practices and easily identify areas for coaching 

Sales Rep Experience

Give reps a central place to monitor account engagement, manage opportunities, and track performance.  

With the new rep experience, sales reps can: 

  • Monitor previous and current account engagement and accelerate execution without requiring them to switch tools
  • Compare personal performance to team benchmarks to know exactly where they need to act  
  • Identify gaps in their pipeline and leverage AI-based recommendations to guide next steps 
  • Engage buyers and mobilize champions with auto-populated SmartMaps

Delivering Insights Where You Work

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” -Paul J. Meyer

At, our mission is to help companies harness business activity to unlock growth. For sales teams, it all comes down to increasing productivity which can help solve in two parts. First by auto-populating their CRM with business activity data so reps are relieved from manually entering or updating the data themselves. And secondly, leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and surface actionable insights that managers and reps need to improve deal execution, buyer engagement, and account management. 

Now with’s Sales Solution for Salesforce, sales teams can benefit from all the rich, actionable insights offers without ever having to leave their CRM. That means managers and reps finally get a single place to pinpoint coaching opportunities, de-risk deals, and benchmark performance. 

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