Top 10 Best Revenue Intelligence Companies In 2022

January 19, 2022
Top 10 Best Revenue Intelligence Companies In 2022
Top 10 Best Revenue Intelligence Companies In 2022

Part of managing your sales pipeline is making sense of the data you collect. However, pulling together sales insights can be challenging without the right tools. The good news is, there are dozens of revenue intelligence companies that can make sense of your customer data. In this guide, you’ll learn all about the best revenue intelligence companies in 2022 and how they can help improve your sales and CRM processes.

What Is Revenue Intelligence?

Revenue intelligence collects and analyzes actionable insights through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Revenue teams can increase efficiency, drive accurate forecasting, and improve customer interactions through revenue intelligence.

Leveraging Revenue Intelligence For Success

Without the right tools for sales forecasting, pipeline inspection is nearly impossible. Fortunately, with a 360-degree view of your data, customer-facing teams can:

  • Automate your revenue cycle
  • Get real-time data about customer relationships
  • Speed up business growth
  • Increase forecast accuracy

How We Evaluated The Best Revenue Intelligence Companies

There is no one-size-fits-all revenue intelligence company for your sales team. When we recommend companies to your business, we consider the following factors.

  • Industry specifics: Pick a revenue intelligence platform or company with experience in your particular industry. These providers can become trusted advisors who can help you attain your business goals.
  • Integrations: The right revenue intelligence software should be able to integrate with your existing platforms—research compatibility with different CRM, PMS, CRS, and CMS systems.
  • Client reviews: Even the best revenue intelligence companies are not immune to conflict. Revenue leaders should always listen to what others say about a company and how they solve problems.

The Best Revenue Intelligence Companies

We recommend these ten if you’re in the revenue intelligence market and are looking for the right company to collaborate with.

1. provides revenue intelligence solutions for technology, telecommunications, and life science industries. Its activity capture features allow GTM team members to track their time better, while actionable intelligence software provides customizable benchmarks for your decision-making processes.

Pricing starts at $50/month per user.

2. CallRail

CallRail is an inbound call tracking software with conversational intelligence, form tracking, and AI-driven insights features that help turn more leads into customers. It combines all calls, texts, and messages into a unified inbox that you can track and segregate using hyper-specific filters.


A Call Tracking plan costs $45/month, while a Conversion Analytics and Marketing Analytics plan cost $95/month. An Analytics Suite plan costs $145/month.

3. Wingman

Do you want to keep better track of your sales interactions? If so, Wingman provides a unique sales coaching program with effective sales enablement features and software for increased pipeline visibility. Its call review features allow you to breeze through call transcripts at twice the speed of manual interpretation.


A Growth plan costs $60/month per sales rep, while Accelerator and Enterprise plans cost $90/month and $110/month.


If you’re looking for an AI assistant to record, transcribe, and organize your voice conversations, is for you. Its powerful collaboration tools allow marketing teams to mark specific parts of your meetings and calls for easy reference.


You can use for free or get a Pro plan for $10/month. A Business plan costs $19/month, while Enterprise pricing is available upon request.

5. InsightSquared

InsightSquared provides detailed RevOps dashboards that collect and analyze real-time data for sales organizations looking for predictive forecasting solutions. Its pipeline management tools help create ideal customer profile models and utilize machine learning to understand consumer behaviors and processes.


Quotes for InsightSquared plans are available upon request.

6. Troops

Troops is a revenue intelligence software perfect for teams who want to increase retention, quickly close deals, deploy new processes, and get real-time data. Unique features like Troops Signals tell you what parts of your CRM strategy need to be updated.


A Starter plan costs $19/month, while Standard and Pro plans include an annual platform fee.

7. Salesloft

If your business centers around digital sales, Salesloft can help you find the right deal-specific insights and keep customers engaged. Dedicated coaches train revenue professionals to automate repetitive interactions with customers across all platforms. They also help improve team performance by tracking sales conversations.


You can request quotes directly from Salesloft.

8. Clari

Clari is one of the best sales engagement platforms for businesses that need to automate their CRM strategies. It uses intelligent mapping to identify the best sales opportunities and has a nifty bi-directional CRM sync that automatically logs your activities.


You can request a quote directly from Clari.

9. Jiminny

Jiminny is a conversation and business intelligence tool that helps companies identify patterns, opportunities, and actionable insights. Its Sidekick feature captures all sales activity, including interactions, and can save reps up to 90 minutes each week.


A Pro plan costs $85/month per user, while Enterprise pricing is available upon request.

10. is a comprehensive solution that records and analyzes sales calls, identifying winning behaviors that sales leaders can use to their advantage. It can suggest recommended deals according to your current progress with specific clients.

Pricing pricing is available upon request.

Final Thoughts

Meeting your sales targets can be challenging if your sales processes are all over the place. With the help of the right revenue intelligence companies, you can hone a unified customer experience and meet your growth goals quicker than you’d expect.

If you’re on the market for a way to streamline the entire revenue cycle, look no further than what has to offer.

Learn all of the ways can  drive revenue growth for your business