August 31, 2023

Sales Productivity Tools: Boost Your Productivity With These 5 Chrome Extensions

Jessica Denny
Sales Productivity Tools: Boost Your Productivity With These 5 Chrome Extensions

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No one understands the adage, “time is money” more than salespeople. The more time a salesperson spends on non-revenue generating activities, the less time they have to focus on bringing in new business. 

Luckily, there are plenty of user-friendly Chrome extensions to help save time and streamline your sales process, giving you more time to focus on the most important tasks.

Check out the 5 free Chrome extensions all sales teams should be using to save hours a week.

Unleash Productivity with the Ultimate Sales Productivity Tool: PeopleGlass

With PeopleGlass, there is no need to click into each individual Salesforce record every time you want to update an opportunity. View all your Salesforce records in one simple view – just click and type, and your changes are synced immediately!  This powerful productivity tool simplifies navigation, updates, and collaboration, giving you more time to focus on selling. With PeopleGlass you experience seamless integration, in-line editing, and complete visibility into your pipeline. It also allows you to create rules which cue a notification when an update occurs, giving Sales leaders instant visibility into deals in motion. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and tedious task lists with PeopleGlass.

Try PeopleGlass.

sales productivity tool peopleglass

Use Grammarly for Efficient Communication

If you haven’t already adopted Grammarly, it’s time! Poorly written emails, proposals, and other sales collateral can make a negative impression on prospects and customers, leading to lost opportunities. With Grammarly, you can easily eliminate spelling and grammatical errors and ensure that your written communication is top-notch. Write effective emails that resonate with your audience and save precious minutes on editing, freeing up valuable time for more critical tasks.
Try Grammarly.

sales productivity tool grammarly

Supercharge Your Browser Organization with Pocket

Pocket is the easiest way to save websites, articles, videos, and anything else that catches your eye on the web. With one click, it allows you to save relevant articles, blogs, and posts you want to share with prospects and customers, adding more value to your interactions. Pocket also serves as an efficient tool for organizing research as you’re prospecting or preparing for sales meetings. Instead of wrestling with a multitude of open tabs, save and organize crucial information about prospects and their companies in one folder, right in your browser. This not only ensures no information is lost due to an accidental browser closure but also promotes a more organized and efficient workflow.

Try Pocket.

sales productivity tool pocket

Boost Motivation with Momentum

Need a motivation lift to keep your energy up? Momentum is a Chrome extension that provides a daily dose of inspiration and encouragement and keeps your priorities top of mind. Every time you open a new browser tab, you’re greeted with a beautiful image and an inspiring quote or a goal you set for the day, and your to-do list. It’s a great way to maintain focus on the priorities you set and stay motivated.

Try Momentum.

sales productivity tool momentum

Zight: Enhance Customer Engagement with Screen Recording and GIF Creation

Zight allows you to communicate more effectively with customers through its screen recording and GIF creation features. Leverage Zight for engaging product demonstrations and customized examples. Instead of relying on wordy emails or time-consuming calls, use Zight to record your screen or create GIFs showcasing product usage, explaining complex features, or visually walking a customer through a solution. This not only saves time but also provides a more persuasive and interactive customer experience.

Try Zight.

sales productivity tool zight

Less Time on Tedious Tasks, More Time Selling with Sales Productivity Tools:

Using the right tools can have a big impact on a rep's success. By using Chrome extensions like PeopleGlass, Grammarly, Pocket, Momentum, and Zight, you can save hours completing mundane tasks that take your focus away from closing deals. Try these extensions and take your time back to focus on the activities that make an impact.

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