Say Goodbye to CRM Headaches and Hello to PeopleGlass+

September 28, 2021
Say Goodbye to CRM Headaches and Hello to PeopleGlass+

Say Goodbye to CRM Headaches and Hello to PeopleGlass+

While Salesforce is a great CRM, the reality is that most sellers find it difficult to navigate, time-consuming, and just plain frustrating. The stats alone speak for themselves: 

  • 68% of sales reps’ time is spent not selling (source)
  • The average sales rep needs to update over 60 records per day, or over 300 updates per week in order to keep their Salesforce CRM fully up to date (source)
  • 10% of a reps time is spent in spreadsheets to accomplish what they wish they could do in a CRM (source)

In fact, it's all these reasons (and then some) that most opt to do what that last stat is highlighting, i.e. maintaining their own separate spreadsheet to keep track of notes, update their pipeline, or add next steps. And while that may keep individual reps on track, having splintered data living in and outside of the CRM does nothing to provide shared visibility across the GTM team or improve CRM data hygiene on accounts and opportunities. Let’s also not gloss over the fact that businesses have poured countless resources, dollars, and energy into establishing Salesforce as their single source of truth. And with today’s announcement, we’re helping reclaim back all that effort.

Update Salesforce like a Spreadsheet with PeopleGlass

PeopleGlass removes all the headaches of updating Salesforce records. That’s because PeopleGlass offers sales teams a spreadsheet-like app that puts everything they need to see, update, and act on in a single view. From customizable, role-based onboarding templates to bulk updates and instant syncing to Salesforce, sales orgs finally get the best of both worlds: a regularly updated CRM that doesn’t come at the cost of seller productivity. 

While PeopleGlass is available for free today, we knew that there were additional capabilities that enterprise customers would require in order to deploy this to larger teams. Today we’re excited to announce those new capabilities through our new paid tier, PeopleGlass+

Less Limits, More Control with PeopleGlass+

Single Pane of Glass

View records, make updates, and have it all sync back to Salesforce from a single interface.

Bring in as many Salesforce objects as you need without hard limits or having to reach out to a customer support representative

Built Just For You 

Set up sheets however you want with custom fields, filters, and views that support the way you run your business. 

  • Build sheets that pull in data straight from Salesforce, whether that’s common, standard objects like Accounts or Opportunities, or custom objects that are more specific to your company or industry
  • Bring in as many Salesforce objects as you need without hard limits or having to reach out to a customer support representative
  • Allow reps to keep private notes from syncing into Salesforce while still remaining secure to your org

Onboard with Ease 

Curate a default set of sheets based around role, segment, or geography that can be deployed at scale across teams.

  • Access admin dashboard to control user privileges, build custom onboarding sheets, and assign to newly created users
  • Keep track of what changes were across teams with audit logging 

Accelerate Your Salesforce Productivity with PeopleGlass

We built our SmartData platform™ to be the answer for how customers could ensure all their GTM engagement data was captured and synced into their system of record (i.e. Salesforce). Today, is able to roughly automate the capture and syncing of 90% of that engagement data through the processes we deploy: connecting into GTM team’s inboxes via APIs, access to emails, calendar invites, meetings, etc. 

The reality is, there’s always going to be that additional 10% or so that’s subjective in nature, that needs to make its way into Salesforce, and that just can’t be fully automated. That’s because those data points—notes, next steps, even sentiment—are all areas that reps (rightfully) have strong opinions on and thus requires them to manually enter those details.

We want customers to have 100% of their data living in their CRM. And while we may not be able to fully automate 100% of that data, we can take the lionshare and ensure that it’s accurately matched to your records. For the remaining portion that can’t be fully automated, we offer the next best thing: the fastest way for sellers to make those subjective updates in your CRM with the help of PeopleGlass.

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