May 31, 2024

Top SalesAI Prompts for Sales Leaders and Sellers

Jessica Denny
Top SalesAI Prompts for Sales Leaders and Sellers

Our Chief Revenue Officer, Laura Palmer, often talks about having different “knobs” to turn to grow revenue, make her teams more effective, and ensure we are providing real value to our customers. But how does she even know what the knobs are? Enter SalesAI. Laura can simply go to SalesAI (embedded inside her CRM), open the assistant, and get answers to her pressing questions about accounts, opportunities, and contacts.

At first glance, this sounds amazing. But we often see leaders and AEs get stuck once they have an empty search bar in front of them. Analysis paralysis. Too many options. So we’ve created this handy prompt guide for sales leaders and sellers to prompt better and understand the full spectrum of insights they can access across their business with generative AI for Sales, specifically, SalesAI.

The top 6 prompts for sales leaders

  • What are the pains and goals across [customer] business segments we are selling into?
  • What are the three whys for this deal?some text
    • Why anything?
    • Why [my company]?
    • Why now?
  • Has the Account Executive engaged [insert name] recently? If so when?
  • What is forecasted for this opportunity?
  • What are the top risks in this deal?
  • Have we built an ROI analysis for [prospect]? 

Top prompts for Account Executives

Opportunity Qualification and Management Prompts

  • Build an ROI analysis for me to present to [company] leadership.
  • Run MEDDPICC Analysis on this opportunity.
  • What are the three whys for this deal?some text
    • Why anything?
    • Why us? [our company]
    • Why now?
    • Summarize what you said above in  a short email to use in order to get higher and wider within the account. 
  • What should we to do to move this deal from the current stage to the next stage?
  • Are there competitors? What are our strengths and weaknesses versus them?
  • What are the pains and goals across the business segments we are selling into?
  • List in order what exit criteria has been accomplished in this deal and what is still outstanding. Based on your analysis, what stage should this opportunity be in?

Persona Engagement and Multithreading Prompts

  • Who cares about what at [company]?  Provide a bulleted list.
  • Give me more details on the Economic Buyer in this opportunity.
  • Which executives have we engaged with? If none who should I engage with?
  • Who is our Champion and why?
  • Have we tested our Champion? How?
  • Give me a breakdown of the buying group in this account. For each person, bullet out title, sentiment, key engagement moments, and responsibilities.
  • Recommend a case study or content relevant to each executive in the buying group based on their persona, identified pains, or initiatives.
  • Across all of my opportunities, which ones are in the incorrect stage and why?

Communication and Content Creation Prompts

  • Build a short overview presentation for our champion.some text
    • Write an email from me to our champion to review this presentation. Be brief and mention metrics.
  • Provide me with a QBR presentation for this opportunity to present to leadership.
  • What customer success stories should we deliver to this customer and are there any specific quotes from key personas at these accounts?

Current Customers and Upselling Prompts

  • What were the core reasons [customer] purchased our product? What pain points were they hoping to solve?
  • What have we already sold into this account and what else can we still sell into them? Where are they using our competitors?
  • What are the top risks based on MEDDPICC methodology?

Ready to see SalesAI in action? Check it out.

Useful AE Prompts for Public GenAI Models

If your sales organization hasn't invested in a data and AI platform yet, you can still use public gen AI models like chatGPT, Bard, Claude, etc., to improve your sales process. Although they won't have all the powerful go-to-market (GTM) data that has (we've been collecting GTM data for nearly a decade now).

  • How does [prospect company] make money?
  • How could [our company] help them make more money? Provide 3 examples.
  • Write a 3-step email sequence with each email focusing on one of the examples above. Be brief.

These prompts are designed to empower Account Executives with the insights needed to navigate complex sales processes effectively and efficiently, ensuring you have the complete picture of your deals, contacts, and accounts.

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