Uncover the Fastest Path to Revenue with Stakeholder Insights

May 31, 2022
Uncover the Fastest Path to Revenue with Stakeholder Insights


Uncover the Fastest Path to Revenue with Stakeholder Insights

Relationships are everything in sales. Developing relationships, managing relationships, nurturing relationships – without them, you don’t have a deal.

But the enterprise buying group is getting more complicated. According to Forrester, purchasing decisions involving four or more people increased from 47% to 61% in the past two years. As a result, it’s harder for sellers to validate the key stakeholders on the buying team, let alone ensure there is a sufficient level of engagement with those individuals.

Moreover, it can be hard for sales reps to clearly and concisely keep the story straight when reporting on the status of an account or opportunity. With sales reps coming and going, it’s easy for information about “who’s who in the zoo” to get lost in the shuffle.

Data and intelligence on your key buyers is a critical part of creating and maintaining strong relationships with your accounts. ​​The real challenge is finding it and quickly putting all of the pieces together. That takes time and is generally not possible in QBRs or weekly deal reviews.

With People.ai’s Relationship Maps, teams have a scalable way to keep up with contacts and the relationships between them – all within Salesforce. Sales teams can quickly and easily uncover answers to the questions they need to predict revenue and accelerate deals.

No more stalled sales cycles, last-minute fire drills, or deals at risk. And now, new Stakeholder Insights within Relationship Maps make it even easier for sales teams to access the information they need to successfully hit their targets – without all the detective work.

Learn more about how Stakeholder Insights empower sellers to:

  • Eliminate “storytime” for sales leadership with fact-based account and opportunity conversations
  • Ramp reps faster during ownership transitions with critical historical engagement data on accounts and opportunities
  • Create a winning strategy by understanding the impact that specific buyers have had in previous deals  

Eliminate “storytime” for sales leadership with data-driven, fact-based account and opportunity conversations

How often does a biweekly opportunity review meeting feel like storytime? Rather than clear actions taken by a rep and a planned understanding of what comes next, these meetings can sometimes feel like a scattered brain dump of information from the sales rep that doesn’t really illuminate the state of the deal.

Does this sound familiar to you? Opportunity and account reviews are inefficient because factual data is not readily available. If it is, it’s often hard to find. This leads to long, inefficient deal conversations.
With Stakeholder Insights, teams have access to data-driven, fact-based sales engagement data – both historical activities and upcoming activities – to provide a clear understanding of the engagement history of that stakeholder. Quickly view engagement trends over time, recent activities, engagement levels, and planned events.

The result? Efficient account and opportunity reviews. GTM teams and sales leadership can now effectively align on planned and historical engagement to assess the current state of an account or opportunity to efficiently define revenue generating strategies.

Ramp reps faster during ownership transitions with critical historical engagement data on accounts and opportunities

Account handovers to a new account owner or to a customer success team can be taxing. Necessary relationship information and related history details are rarely shared sufficiently. During times of transition when a sales rep leaves and a new team member joins, having quick access to the connections and existing relationships on accounts and opportunities is paramount. Without it, revenue is at risk.

Stakeholder Insights help new account and opportunity owners, as well as customer success teams, get up to speed on the deal as quickly as possible. The Connections insights will show the account owner who internally can be a source of valuable account information to keep the deal moving forward or understand the state of the account.

Create a winning strategy by understanding the impact specific buyers have had in previous deals

People who buy once have a high propensity to buy again. Conversely, people who engage but don’t don’t subsequently make a purchase can waste a rep’s time, particularly if they lack the buying power needed to close the deal. We sometimes refer to these people as time-wasters or tire-kickers, and this is something sellers need to know.

The path to a successful outcome can be paved by understanding why certain deals were won and others were lost. That’s where Stakeholder Insights come in.  Sales teams now have quick access to what did and did not work – in the context of revenue generation engagement strategies – so that a strategy backed by data can be in place.

Does the contact have a large history of closed won deals? You’re working with the right champion! If not, you may want to reconsider engaging personas with more buying power.

Uncover the Fastset Path to Revenue with Stakeholder Insights

Stakeholder Insights make People.ai Relationship Maps even more powerful by putting the data that sales reps are looking for front and center. More efficient and effective sellers increase sales productivity and get everyone to their goals, faster.

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