September 11, 2023

Visualize Complex Buying Groups and Close Larger Deals Faster with + ZoomInfo

Calli Millang
Visualize Complex Buying Groups and Close Larger Deals Faster with + ZoomInfo

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One of the most difficult parts of navigating a complex deal is understanding the who’s who within an organization. Are you engaging the right people? Who are the right people? Is a key department or individual missing? How engaged are your current stakeholders? Are you getting introductions to those with buying power? 

We’re thrilled to introduce a new integration with ZoomInfo that will allow our joint customers to answer all the above questions. With and ZoomInfo, sales teams can visualize complex buying groups, identify missing stakeholders, and easily identify and engage new stakeholders—all within your existing workflow.

“’s solution becomes even more powerful when it’s plugged into ZoomInfo’s best-in-class data,” said James Roth, ZoomInfo's Senior VP of Revenue and Growth. “Together, our joint customers will be able to discover and unlock new contacts to round out their buyer groups in the tools they already use today. We’re excited about the possibilities that ZoomInfo’s real-time data, insights, and technology will provide for companies, helping them find, acquire, and grow their customers.”

How does the integration work?

Relationship Maps are robust org charts that allow your entire GTM team to see who's been engaged, their role in the organization, their level of engagement, and much more.

The addition of ZoomInfo data lets you identify stakeholders that don’t yet exist in your CRM. With ZoomInfo’s best-in-class B2B data, you can search ZoomInfo by name, title, or company to find the right players that will help drive deals to closed-won. Then, add those net-new contacts directly to the Relationship Map.

No more hunting around for contact information or trying to fill in gaps manually. Using Relationship Maps in tandem with ZoomInfo data makes it simple to identify the missing pieces and create strategic next steps when executing across accounts and opportunities.

Plus, because these Relationship Maps live directly in the CRM, they can be updated, viewed, and used across the org in a variety of ways—in deal reviews to identify areas of potential risk, in 1:1s to strategically plan next steps, or in account strategy sessions to unify teams and prepare for impending meetings. Relationship Maps ensure your team is aligned from top to bottom and each rep, manager, or leader has access to the most up-to-date information. 

What value does the integration bring to sales teams? 

  • Visualize complex buying groups, their activities, and level of engagement so you can understand the role that each stakeholder plays in driving a deal forward.
  • Enhance deal execution by helping reps ensure that they are investing time in the people and activities that will help to move opportunities down-pipe.
  • Streamline workflows by enabling users to search ZoomInfo for contacts by name, email, or title, and add new contacts to a Relationship Map directly in the CRM.
  • Boost pipeline creation for both new and existing business by giving reps verified phone numbers and email addresses for key contacts, so they can strategically plan their outreach and next steps.
  • Enable reps to take a strategic approach that allows them to identify the correct stakeholders, engage them, and win larger deals, faster.

“Pairing and ZoomInfo is like connecting the dots in the grand mosaic of relationship intelligence,” said Thomas Wyatt,’s Chief Product and Strategy Officer. “It's the missing link that unlocks the full picture of buyer groups and key stakeholders in any deal. With this and ZoomInfo integration, sales teams can boost pipeline by ensuring they are spending time with the right people in the right accounts.” 

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