Why Your CRM Is Missing Half of Your Contacts (and How to Fix It!)

July 28, 2022
Why Your CRM Is Missing Half of Your Contacts (and How to Fix It!)


Why Your CRM Is Missing Half of Your Contacts (and How to Fix It!)

Note: This post was contributed by Mark Gallant, Sr. Director of Marketing, People.ai

In the world of big data – more is better. But what happens when your “more” goes into a black hole?  In today’s macroeconomic climate, avoiding these data black holes is more important than ever! For that reason, more companies are driving their sales reps to log their activities into the CRM. And that means all emails, phone calls, and meetings. Having a clear understanding of activities means being able to truly understand the ins and outs of your sales process.

But, logging activities just takes time. In fact, according to LinkedIn, nearly 20% of a rep’s time is spent updating CRM. It’s no wonder activities don’t get logged!

And while there are tools to automate activity logging – that only works if the contact record exists in the CRM! What’s your solution then?

Automatically sync existing and new contacts to your CRM

Having partnered with over 250 enterprise customers to date, we have found some shocking results. In some cases, we discovered that 50% of the contacts sales reps were working with, did not exist in their CRM. In some industries like manufacturing and life sciences, that number often jumps to over 80% of contacts!  

Conversely, by using People.ai and our industry-leading contact syncing and AI-powered filtering and matching capabilities, many customers have averaged between 16,000 to 60,000 newly captured contacts. Meanwhile, top performers capture between 350,000 and 500,000 new CRM contacts! That’s a significant boost to those customers’ addressable databases, which can have quite an impact on pipeline and revenue growth.    

People.ai integrates with email and phone systems (like GSuite, Office365, Bellgram, Zoom, etc.) and logs your sales reps’ activities into your CRM. As part of this, we make sure the contacts your sales reps are talking to, actually exist in the CRM. Because we all know, “if it’s not in CRM, it doesn’t exist!”

But with our solution, even if the contact doesn’t exist in your CRM, People.ai can automatically create a new contact and associate it to the correct account, saving your reps valuable time and saving you headaches.

Learn how it works in 20 minutes by watching our on-demand webinar.

Expanding our footprint to Oracle Fusion Sales customers

Up until now, these data points and outcomes were only achievable for Salesforce customers. But more recently, we announced a partnership between People.ai and Oracle Fusion Sales!  

With the expansion of this proven solution for Oracle Fusion Sales customers, we are now able to automatically add GDPR-compliant contacts – and their related activities – into our client’s Oracle CRM systems. No more head spinning, and no more guesswork for these customers.  

Benefits that extend across your entire GTM team

The best part about these capabilities and results? Everyone on the GTM team is happy!

  • Sales reps are getting between 10-15% of their time back. They no longer need to manually log their activities into CRM or create new contacts in their accounts and opportunities.
  • Sales managers can now see and coach their teams with multi-threaded conversations and the key players needed to win a deal.
  • AI-generated insights drive reps to engage the right people at the right accounts at the right time to drive deals forward.
  • Sales operations can run accurate database analyses and understand activity trends.
  • Marketing loves the additional contacts to add to their campaigns and nurtures, to better support sales teams’ efforts.
  • Customer success can easily onboard new customers because the contacts already exist in the CRM.

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