Zoomtopia Recap: 5 Moments of Pure Happiness (Including Our “Whaley” Big Announcement)

November 5, 2022
Zoomtopia Recap: 5 Moments of Pure Happiness (Including Our “Whaley” Big Announcement)

Stephanie Madsen

Director, Product Marketing


Stephanie Madsen
Zoomtopia Recap: 5 Moments of Pure Happiness (Including Our “Whaley” Big Announcement)

Last week, thousands of Zoom clients, partners, and employees (Zoomies) ventured to San Jose for Zoomtopia, Zoom’s annual user conference.

But this wasn’t your typical user conference. This user conference was two days of pure happiness. Don’t believe us? Here are our “Top 5 Moments of Pure Happiness” from Zoomtopia 2022.

1. Love and Happiness with Eric Yuan, Zoom CEO

“Love” was the feeling Yuan used to describe how he felt on stage during his opening keynote. He continued on to share how his first love in life (his then-girlfriend, now wife), led to his first love in business. Dating long distance and only seeing each other two times a year, he dreamed of the ability to speak and see her in one click.

Eventually, he built Zoom with the goal of delivering happiness to customers. Happiness also became a core component of Zoom’s culture because, “we aren’t workers, we’re humans who work,” said Yuan. Today, Zoom’s technology and culture are transcendent. They’ve removed barriers for companies everywhere, allowing people to work from anywhere – providing the opportunity for everyone to “Zoom in on what’s important to them.”

2. Announcing Zoom IQ for Sales and People.ai (Better Together)

To close his opening keynote, Yuan said, “What’s next? The technical answer – so freaking much!”

He’s right. Immediately following, exciting roadmap additions and partnerships were announced – including the announcement of Zoom IQ for Sales and People.ai. You can watch the entire announcement from Josh Dulberger, Head of AI at Zoom, in this video below.

Together, we’ll be combining conversation intelligence and AI-based engagement insights into a singular view for our joint customers. Customers will benefit from an unparalleled understanding of “who is who” within accounts and opportunities, empowering go-to-market teams to strategically plot next steps with the right people and personas to grow pipeline, drive larger deals, shorten sales cycles, and improve win rate. To sum it up, “so freaking much,” as Yuan stated.

3. Happiness at First Sight

When the keynote session closed, the energy was high and happiness could be seen and felt everywhere. Including the minute attendees opened the doors to the New Dimensions Expo Hall and tilted their gaze up to “Happy” the Humpback Whale, Zoomtopia’s official mascot.

Happy is 30 feet in length, made her first appearance in 2018, and represents the whimsical attitude Zoom aims to bring to their annual gathering. This year, she was seen everywhere, portal-jumping to “explore new dimensions.”

4. Know Your Buyer Better Than Ever with Thomas Wyatt + Zoomies!

Next, it was time to hear from Thomas Wyatt, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at People.ai. Wearing his signature look (all black) he passionately shared who People.ai is and the current state of pipeline (it’s a problem).

He then introduced his old friend Pam Kong, Sr. Manager Sales Operations at Zoom (a customer of ours since 2017) and new friend and partner Kenny Scannell, Global Head of Sales for Zoom IQ for Sales. Together, all three shared their excitement for the new partnership and joint offering which will deliver unprecedented insights and a predictable pipeline! The session closed with a sneak preview demonstration from Thomas and engaging questions from the audience. The fun continued immediately following at the People.ai booth!

5. Retro-Futuristic Fun, Achieved

As temperatures cooled, Pixel Park heated up for a night of retro-futuristic fun! Together, old friends and new friends gathered to enjoy signature cocktails, multiple live performances (Lawrence, Yola, Nelly, Timbaland), and old-school games like Pac-Man and Skee-Ball. With a signature cocktail in one hand and a Skee-Ball in the other, I thought to myself, “The Zoom Team must have been blasting ‘Don’t Lose Sight’ by Lawrence when planning this very evening centered around delivering happiness.”

Zoom Team, you nailed it!

As we prepare to say goodbye to Zoomtopia 2022 (cue “Graduation” by Vitamin C) we’d like commemorate our time together by providing superlatives awards:

  • Best Smile: Happy the Humpback Whale
  • Best Dressed: Alex Borstein (pictured below)
  • Most Inspiring: Eric Yuan, Zoom CEO
  • Best Booth: The donut stand (That counts,  right?)
  • Most Punctual: Catering Staff
  • Best Performance: Nelly (Our People.ai demos were a close second)
  • Best Giveaway: Logitech Yeti’s + on-site custom branding
  • Best Partnership: Zoom IQ for Sales and People.ai (obvi)

Learn More About Our Zoom Partnership and Register for a Demo

Congratulations to Zoom, our new partners, on another successful user conference. We’re thrilled to have met hundreds of you over the course of two days at our People.ai session, booth, and in new dimensions.

Ready to be one of the first to unlock our new partnership and achieve unprecedented insights and predictable pipeline? Read more here.

Want to see the People.ai technology in action for yourself? Register for a demo here.

Happiness achieved!

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