Revenue Intelligence for the Enterprise.

Empowering GTM Teams: Deeper AI-Enhanced Deal Insights.

Utilize AI-powered summaries to assess risk levels on deals and gauge the overall state of accounts. By understanding nuanced conversational cues, proactively identify challenges and opportunities, enabling informed decision-making to mitigate risks, capitalize on opportunities, and drive account growth.

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Key Benefits / Features

Key Benefits / Features

  • Extract meeting and deal summaries directly from Webex meeting transcripts, providing concise insights into key discussions and outcomes.
  • Goodbye, note-taking. Hello, automation! Fuel your CRM with complete visibility into all Webex engagements. Improve seller productivity and allow sellers to do what they do best – sell!
  • Gain a holistic view of all engagements, enhanced with rich attendee data within your Webex data – no change management required.
  • Unlock detailed insights into every GTM interaction, facilitating scalable coaching opportunities to enhance team performance and elevate customer experiences.
  • Connect to Webex

    You must be an admin in both and Webex to connect.

    1. In applications, go to Settings > Integrations > Webex.

    2. Click Authorize Webex. You’re redirected to Webex.

    3. Sign in to your Webex workspace.

    4. In the scope request page, click Allow to give access to Webex recordings. You’re redirected back to our applications page. You are now connected to Webex.

    5. If you want to turn on Webex integration for users, enable ingest for users under configurations profile.