Reveal key contacts, drive deals forward.

Win more revenue with's Relationship Maps and  ZoomInfo's
best-in-class B2B data.

Joint customers can easily create robust Relationship Maps, view historic and upcoming activities, and see stakeholder engagement levels in Then, add net-new contacts directly from ZoomInfo by searching by name, email, or title—all within the CRM.

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Key Benefits / Features

Key Benefits

  • Visualizes complex buying groups, their activities, and level of engagement so reps can understand the role that each stakeholder plays in driving a deal forward
  • Enhance deal execution by helping reps identify gaps and engage missing stakeholders with accurate contact info
  • Streamlines workflows by enabling users to search ZoomInfo for contacts by name, email, or title, and add new contacts to a Relationship Map directly in the CRM
  • Gives reps and BDRs access to ZoomInfo’s industry-leading contact database, which has over 65M verified phone numbers and 150M verified email addresses
  • Enables reps to take a strategic approach that allows them to identify the correct stakeholders, engage them, and win larger deals, faster
  • Relationship Maps are directly available in your CRM where they can be easily viewed, used, and edited across the org
  • Julie Champion

    “’s solution becomes even more powerful when it’s plugged into ZoomInfo’s best-in-class data. Together, our joint customers will be able to discover and unlock new contacts to round out their buyer groups in the tools they already use today. We’re excited about the possibilities that ZoomInfo’s real-time data, insights, and technology will provide for companies, helping them find, acquire, and grow their customers.”

    James Roth

    SVP, Revenue & Growth

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