5 Keys to Unlocking Accurate Sales Forecasts in Fiscal Year 2023

December 15, 2022

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The sales forecast. Easily one of the biggest areas of operational expense for RevOps. Yet, only a quarter of us get it right even 75% of the time.

Why? Because our organizations rely too much on gut instinct. Let’s change that as we kick off 2023.

View our webinar to explore 5 keys to improving forecast accuracy in the new fiscal year. Here’s a hint – it’s all about data and pipeline growth.

During this on-demand event, we highlight how to:

  • Take a data-centric approach to territory and account planning to improve sales capacity, using your existing headcount
  • Fuel your CRM with high-quality data on every account and contact, providing the foundation for a healthier and more accurate pipeline and forecast
  • Prioritize leading indicators and benchmarks using – you guessed it – trusted data to pinpoint sales and marketing behaviors that generate the most pipeline and revenue

Learn how taking a data-first approach to building pipelines can improve forecasting accuracy by 90% and lead to hitting more predictable revenue targets.

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