5 Signs for RevOps that the Sales Pipeline Needs Repair

August 4, 2023

Revenue operations (RevOps) teams face numerous challenges when partnering with their counterparts from sales, marketing, and enablement to create and convert pipeline today. Budgets are shrinking, resources are often constrained, and customer acquisition costs are on the rise, squeezing profitability and margins.

The key is for RevOps to work with other go-to-market (GTM) teams as a well-orchestrated engine that capitalizes on every opportunity across key accounts. Enabling that seamless integration of efforts starts with allocating resources to the accounts and personas displaying the highest level of purchase intent. Yet many organizations struggle to do so because they lack the necessary visibility into coordinated investments and ongoing execution.

In this eBook, we explore 5 of the biggest roadblocks that impact RevOps execution and prohibit GTM teams from achieving revenue goals.

  1. Your CRM is a data wasteland and requires too much manual upkeep
  2. Limited account-level visibility hinders strategic sales plans
  3. You can’t measure the impact of your standardized sales qualification methodology
  4. Too many deals are stalling, but you can’t pinpoint why
  5. You’re not empowering sales coaches to be data driven

We’ll also outline proven ways to clear these obstacles in pursuit of building and unleashing a high-performing RevOps engine.

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