Generative AI Use Cases for Sales Organizations

August 18, 2023

Generative AI’s human-like responses act as the bridge between massive amounts of data and your sales team’s ability to understand and use it in real-time decision making. It’s the next step in realizing the full potential of revenue intelligence – making insights personalized, and immediately actionable.

At its best, GenAI helps sales teams automate time consuming tasks, move faster, and sell smarter. Here are some common and advanced ways sales organizations can leverage the technology. 

Basic - Most organizations only have rudimentary use cases for generative AI deployed.

  • Personalized Email Outreach 
  • Meeting/Conversation Summarization 
  • Answer Questions 
  • Account Activity Information (CRM Only) 

Advanced - has generative AI solutions for advanced use cases available today. 

  • Account Planning 
  • Account Research
  • Customized Coaching Plans 
  • Risk Assessment 

The magic behind generative AI at Since we’ve been securely collecting and analyzing sales data automatically on behalf of customers for nearly a decade (we can do this for you too), our AI models are trained on more high quality, specialized data than anyone else’s. 

To read the full list of generative AI use cases for sales teams, click here.

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