Accelerating Sales and Marketing Efforts Through AI

September 12, 2019

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services - Pulse Survey

As artificial intelligence (AI) begins to deliver on its promises, sales and marketing teams are discovering that not only can AI reduce the amount of human effort required in daily work, but it also can provide the intelligence needed to focus on the highest-value tasks, shaping a far more productive and impactful workday backed by data where everyone is focused on the most important tasks that drive business.

Where do enterprises see AI benefiting and shaping the future of work?

In this Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Survey (HBR), more than 320 participants were asked about their current views of AI and to look out over the next three years to predict how AI will shape their businesses.

The HBR survey revealed that after implementing AI solutions, not only do salespeople become more productive at their jobs, but they also report an increase in their individual happiness. Furthermore, some 82% of large companies surveyed believe AI has the ability to significantly improve the alignment of sales and marketing, with the largest benefit coming from less time on administrative activities like data entry. This move away from time spent on administrative activities enables workers to focus on higher-minded, more fulfilling, and impactful work.

How can AI shape the future of work at your organization?

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