How Marketing Can Meaningfully Increase Pipeline Velocity and Conversion

August 1, 2023


Today’s marketing teams face constant pressure to generate more and higher quality pipeline than ever. To succeed, it’s a must for them to tightly partner with their sales counterparts. However, this is challenging in light of:

  1. Limited visibility into marketing qualified leads (MQLs) after handoff to sales
  2. Limited visibility into marketing attribution because it’s lost when a lead becomes a contact

In this e-Book, you’’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage better data to cement the partnership between marketing and sales and ultimately drive pipeline velocity and conversion.
  • Expand your compliant, marketable database.
  • Gain full visibility into accounts, contacts, and engagement. 

When go-to-market teams work from the same dataset, marketing can stop playing the volume numbers game. Instead, they can allocate investments to the right accounts and personas, and align with sales to engage influencers, decision makers or even detractors within key accounts. 

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