How to Surface Hidden Pipeline (And Execute Laser-Focused ABM Campaigns)

August 7, 2023

In many organizations, there’s a data chasm between sales and marketing teams, resulting in a lack of visibility into each team’s pipeline activities. This internal misalignment can lead to a poor customer experience in the form of mixed messages, duplicate contact efforts, too much or too little engagement, and a general lack of brand consistency.

The solution to this problem is automated activity capture. All of your sales team’s activities (think: calls, meetings, demos, emails, etc) are captured and assigned to the correct contact, account, and opportunity in your CRM. Marketing can leverage this information to launch coordinated and personalized campaigns in lockstep with sales.

With this approach, GTM teams will be able to: 

  • Uncover tens-of-thousands of valuable contacts from the sales teams inboxes and calendars
  • Confidently execute and measure ABM campaigns and influence prospects
  • Deeply understand the number of people and personas needed to drive win rate and deal size
  • Strengthen the partnership between sales and marketing while closing more business, at a higher deal size

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