Use AI to Turn Seller Insights into Strategic Revenue Growth

August 9, 2023

Ask any sales representative if they’re working all their assigned accounts and they’ll say, “Absolutely! I’m working every one of them.” You may think, “That’s odd. I barely see any activity in our CRM.” (But you take them for their word).

Next, you ask the same sales representative if they want more assigned accounts and they say, “Yes! I’ll always accept more accounts.”

If the above scenario sounds familiar, you’re probably a RevOps Leader. When you ask these questions and receive the same answers month after month, you may begin to feel stuck. You’ve been assigning accounts based on zip codes and sales representatives’ self-reported relationships. But you’re not seeing results, leading you to ask yourself tough questions.

“Do we have a sales capacity problem?”

“How do we increase sales representative productivity?”

Until now, you haven’t had the data to answer these questions.

Meet! We’re an enterprise revenue intelligence platform that helps you uncover the fastest path to revenue using AI and better data. connects to your go-to-market teams’ inboxes and calendars, and automatically captures and match those activities to relevant CRM accounts, opportunities, and contacts. You now deeply understand what accounts are, or are not, being actively worked. This allows you to re-allocate accounts or resources as needed to unlock additional revenue.

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