May 16, 2022

A ScratchPad Alternative Purpose-Built for AEs & SDRs Using Salesforce

A ScratchPad Alternative Purpose-Built for AEs & SDRs Using Salesforce
A ScratchPad Alternative Purpose-Built for AEs & SDRs Using Salesforce

Salespeople spend about 64% of their day on non-revenue-related tasks.

And it’s worse for sales reps like yourself using Salesforce because its clunky UI hasn’t changed much. You still need to open endless tabs and make endless clicks to create or update sales records.

In 2020, ScratchPad was created to curb this challenge.

A few years in, they’ve been trying their best, which many of their users will commend. But like most early-stage SaaS products, they’re not perfect:

What do you dislike?

So, we’ll explore ScratchPad alternatives like PeopleGlass, which brings all your Opportunities, Accounts, and more into a neat, editable spreadsheet that automatically syncs to Salesforce:


Let’s cut to the chase.

Unlimited Salesforce Updates: Why Sales Reps Should Try a ScratchPad Alternative

How many Salesforce updates do you make per day?

Before you answer, here’s what other salespeople have said.  

According to this report by RingLead, on average, sales reps need to update over 60 records every day (and more than 300 per week) to keep their Salesforce data up to date. This finding was back in 2018.

With increased online selling, that number is much higher today as salespeople need to update more Salesforce records. So any account executive who needs to update hundreds of Salesforce records without limits should consider a ScratchPad alternative.

Scratchpad’s free plan, limits you to just 25 record updates per week:

PeopleGlass Free

With PeopleGlass’s free plan you can make as many updates as you need. Better yet, you can even do bulk updates.
Shira M., a Senior Account Manager likes PeopleGlass for this reason:

PeopleGlass G2
[PeopleGlass review on G2]

PeopleGlass: A ScratchPad Alternative Built for Account Executives

You’d not be here if Salesforce weren’t failing reps.

However, one thing remains.

The software has gotten so massively adopted, despite its clunky UI and time suck required to update records, reps have no option but to accept it as their org’s choice CRM.

Since that’s likely your situation, it makes sense to consider apps like ScratchPad. But you won’t be here if you were 100% sold on what ScratchPad offers, right?

Well, that’s where PeopleGlass comes in.

Unlike ScratchPad, PeopleGlass is 100% free to use.

Besides that, the simple, spreadsheet-like view and ability to make bulk edits in a few clicks are some reasons why AEs and SDRs opt for PeopleGlass.

Don’t take it from me.

Say you wanted to update the pipeline stages of the Opportunities you manage. It’s easy to bulk-edit that and have it synced automatically in your org’s Salesforce records in real-time.

Again, don’t take it from me.

It’s one of many reasons why AEs and SDRs like PeopleGlass:

PeopleGlass G2
[PeopleGlass review on G2]

Still on the fence?

Here’s how PeopleGlass vs. ScratchPad compares:

PeopleGlass vs ScratchPad

ScratchPad vs. Dooly: What Do Sales Reps Prefer?

ScratchPad describes itself as a “revenue team workspace” for Salesforce.

Based on that positioning, they’re trying to appeal to entire orgs, not just AEs/SDRs, seeking to cut the time spent updating Salesforce. This, for instance, could explain why their free plan, which permits a mere 25 Salesforce updates per week, looks more like a trial.

As I’ve shown earlier, you won’t get much updated on Salesforce with that.

Compared to Dooly, however, ScratchPad still has the upper hand. “Reviewers felt that Scratchpad meets the needs of their business better than Dooly,” according to G2.

Known more for their savvy LinkedIn activities, Dooly’s positioning stretches farther than ScratchPad. With some big logos like Asana, Lessonly, and Figma, they, like ScratchPad, target teams and not just AE/SDRs.

Per this post by RevPilot, Dooly even targets marketing teams.

And that brings me to PeopleGlass, an alternative built exclusively for salespeople, especially AEs and SDRs with some Google Sheets dependency:

PeopleGlass G2
[PeopleGlass review on G2]

Relative to what you get 100% free with PeopleGlass, here are three areas you may want to compare these alternatives.

ScratchPad Pricing

ScratchPad has three pricing tiers.

The free plan, which is very limited for creating or updating Salesforce records, and the $39 & $79/month per user team plans. On the other hand, Dooly has four pricing tiers: Free, $10, $30, and $60 per user per month.

Dooly’s free plan, unlike ScratchPad, is more generous.

It can accommodate up to five people in an org. Either way, both pricing align with their focus on teams, as the free plans look more like an acquisition play.

Over to some features, AEs/SDRs should care about.

Related Objects

On Salesforce, it takes about 21 steps to create related objects in your CRM records according to this TrailHead documentation from Salesforce.

If you were using ScratchPad’s free plan, you’d still have to go through all those hurdles to create related objects between contacts and an account.

PeopleGlass lets you do this 100% free:

PeopleGlass Steps

Here’s how you create Related Objects with PeopleGlass:


Take the view above, for example.

If you’re looking at the “Talane – New Business” opportunity, you can quickly look up if there’s a ClosePlan for that Opportunity (there is, in this case). But if not, you can create a ClosePlan related object for it from this view.


Create & Sync Custom Salesforce Objects, Free on PeopleGlass

You’re not alone.

In a Forbes article, the Founder of InsideSales, Ken Kroger, also shared his frustrations with using Salesforce and CRMs.

He said:

“While CRM has brought the majority of reps to a tipping point in frustration, it fulfills a necessary role in the sales process that will not be going away. As a matter of fact, I believe we need to be using CRM more. However, to reach higher usage, we will need to integrate it in progressively better ways with the sales enablement apps that reps report are providing the majority of value for their time.”

One of such frustrations is the inability to create custom objects.

And PeopleGlass, an alternative to ScratchPad, simplifies how salespeople solve this problem. Signup, see how PeopleGlass is helping AEs and SDRs say goodbye to busywork and hello to more selling.

PeopleGlass 100% Free

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