March 30, 2022

Forrester RO&I Wave - Named Strong Performer

Forrester RO&I Wave - Named Strong Performer
Forrester RO&I Wave - Named Strong Performer

This week, Forrester released the first ever Revenue Operations and Intelligence Wave, where has been named a strong performer. We’re thrilled to be included as a mission-critical partner for large enterprises, and are excited to see that Forrester agrees with the main challenges we’re seeing in the market, which we discussed in detail back in November of last year. 

This validates’s strategy. 

There is no question that increasing revenue per sales rep has become more challenging since the enterprise buying group is getting more complicated. The average number of buying interactions rose from 17 in 2019 to 27 in 2021. That’s more than 1.5x – in just 2 years! In the same period, purchasing decisions that involved four or more people increased from 47% to 61%. 

Forrester’s call to action for B2B organizations is even more clear: 

“It is imperative to have comprehensive insight into buyer relationships and engagement activity and to use this intelligence and insight to improve the buying experience and optimize revenue engine performance.”


This need is especially urgent and top of mind for our enterprise customers. While companies of all sizes struggle to connect the dots between buyer engagement and deal outcomes, large enterprises amplify the noise across multiple business units, product lines, multiple CRM instances, and complex sales motions with partners and resellers. The goal of securing “comprehensive insight into relationships” indeed becomes more of an imperative the more varied and numerous those relationships are. 

This highly complex scenario is the reality that our customers live with today. And it’s exactly why’s mission has always been to unify ALL revenue activity data across enterprise silos to generate real intelligence, so B2B revenue teams can operationalize their people’s most successful, revenue-generating behaviors.

That’s why we’re so pleased with our coverage in the latest Forrester report. While you can access the full report through Forrester, we’ll walk through three of the highlights here.

1. is the only vendor in the Wave focused on delivering trustworthy data and insights for large enterprises.

GTM leaders have a responsibility to lead their teams with confidence and impact. Without complete, accurate, and trustworthy data, such confidence and impact is simply impossible. This is because there will always be conflicting points of view on what “great” really looks like, and the revenue engine will struggle to reach its full potential. 

How do we help? In Forrester’s words: “ addresses a challenge facing enterprise sales in a world of digital engagement with buyers — how to aggregate, protect, and analyze revenue intelligence across digital touchpoints and technology platforms.”

With confidence in the behavior and activities that actually accelerate revenue, it becomes so much easier to operationalize the playbook to scale. By focusing on the root causes of GTM growth challenges, our customers are able to solve for so many of the pitfalls that impact their bottom line - and the results speak for themselves:

  • 43% pipeline growth within 3 months;
  • 15% or more increase in deal size;
  • 49% increase in sales rep productivity;
  • 50% increase in win rates; and
  • 90% accuracy of in-sales forecasts quarter after quarter.

2. integrates to enrich the tech stack with complete and accurate revenue intelligence.

Overall, the market for Revenue Operations and Intelligence has two fairly distinct concentrations: data and interfaces. One of the core values of’s data-first approach is the ability for our customers to be able to leverage the insights generated by our platform in any tool of choice - in CRM, in BI Tools, and in other sales and marketing applications. 

How do we do this? In Forrester’s words: “’s vision is to solve this with a complementary revenue data infrastructure that integrates (rather than competes) with these other sales technologies.”

Simply put, with clear insight into productivity gaps and key workflows centralized in CRM, our customers are able to focus on a much shorter list of sales performance issues they need to close, and the right tools necessary to do so.

3. is the only vendor proven to solve real intelligence challenges for the enterprise.

Enterprise sales and marketing leaders are challenged with pivoting quickly from quarter to quarter, and even require the ability to course-correct within a quarter. The unfortunate reality is that leaders are losing faith because the insights driving their teams are inconsistent – or even worse – incorrect. They need insight-led account and opportunity planning that is based on real data combined with deep contact enrichment and sales rep workflows. 

How can help? In Forrester’s words: “ delivers comprehensive data management capabilities in unified activity capture with advanced privacy/security filtering, data enrichment, and matching. Enterprises should consider [] if they require a trusted and robust data management solution to underpin and supplement the sales tech stack.“

What is there to say except: we agree.

In Summary

The Revenue Operations and Intelligence market is fairly new, dynamic, and evolving at a rapid pace. While the delineation between data-first intelligence platforms and interfaces to drive sales efficiency is still a little cloudy, there is one thing we know for certain:

We founded because we understand that revenue activity data defines the actions and activities of real people. Enterprise revenue leaders have to transform that data into real meaning and insights in order to accelerate change for their teams—and that is not a task that just any sales tool can solve.

When all teams are operating off of a trusted set of GTM data and insights, it’s a roadmap for true, best in class performance—the most powerful tool to operationalize the behaviors that define success and align an organization’s entire selling ecosystem to maximize growth. 

Learn more about what makes the only data-first RO&I solution for the enterprise.

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