May 16, 2024 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is Changing the CRM Landscape

Jessica Denny for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is Changing the CRM Landscape

If you had to guess, how accurate would you say your CRM data is?  

If you don’t think it’s very accurate at all, you’re not alone. CRM data deteriorates by roughly 34% yearly and on top of that 50% of CRM users said they lose new sales due to poor quality CRM data, according to a survey by Validity. and Microsoft understand the impact clean, connected data has on your business–and we are thrilled to share our latest integration, for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales! for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Sales cycles are lengthening, buying groups are expanding, and sales teams are running leaner than ever. Many sales organizations are looking to generative AI to combat these challenges and ramp up their sales effectiveness. But here’s the thing: AI is only as good as the data that feeds it, and without a solid data foundation, even the best AI will fail to provide true value. As the keeper of an organization's sales data, CRMs stand at the heart of the solution, acting as the digital backbone for any AI sales strategy. 

Picture a world where your CRM doesn’t just store data but actively works for you, offering actionable insights where and when you need them most. Welcome to seamless integration with for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

As software costs continue to climb, businesses are looking for ways to get the most out of their tech stack and make smarter technology investments. Many organizations are turning to Microsoft Dynamics as their CRM provider.

And now Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is even better with embedded where your teams are already working. This integration transforms how sales teams leverage data, ensuring they don’t have to step out of their workflow to access invaluable insights from their data. With Microsoft Copilot for Sales, these insights are even more accessible, surfacing directly in the tools you use every day.

3 Ways to Access Data in the Microsoft Tools You Already Use

Inside Microsoft Dynamics enriches Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales by:

  • Capturing, matching, and enriching CRM data to create a comprehensive data foundation.
  • Highlighting critical account details including stakeholders, next steps, risks, and opportunities, seamlessly within Dynamics.
  • Embedding directly into your CRM, transforms Dynamics 365 into a powerhouse of actionable intelligence.

Inside Microsoft Outlook

Combine Microsoft Copilot for Sales with to transform Outlook into a sales insight machine:

  • Gain instant insights on Accounts, Opportunities, and Contacts while composing emails.
  • Understand the buying power of who you are communicating with, the health of engagements, and who else should be enagaged. 
  • Access your + Dynamics 365 Sales data instantly inside Outlook.

Inside Microsoft Teams

With and Microsoft Teams together, you can:

  • Validate engagement, view next steps, and even alerts directly within Teams.
  • Access insights from accounts and opportunities while collaborating in Microsoft Teams chats and documents.
  • Instantly get up-to-speed on a new account and get account summaries to prepare for a meeting
  • Work smarter, not harder by accessing insights directly in Microsoft Outlook and Teams with Copilot for Sales.

For sales teams looking to maximize their sales effectiveness, leveraging the power of within the Microsoft ecosystem is a game-changer. By seamlessly integrating into your existing tools and workflows, allows sales teams to access critical data and insights in real time, without manual data entry or switching between multiple platforms. Equipped with the complete picture of your accounts and opportunities, your sales strategy (and AEs) will become exponentially more effective. 

Harness the power of AI for sales today! Keep your focus on driving revenue and leave the data management to and Microsoft. Take your sales game to the next level. Upgrade your CRM experience with and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales!

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