AI-driven sales insights and recommendations

AI-driven sales insights and recommendations

With for Microsoft Sales Copilot, sellers will get AI-driven insights natively inside the places they already spend their time — Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams. With opportunity insights right at their fingertips, go-to-market teams can make sure they’re spending their time with the right people and taking the right actions in accounts to drive more deals to closed-won.

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Key Benefits / Features

Key Benefits / Features

  • Brings insights around accounts, contacts, and opportunities directly into the seller workflow 
  • Provides reps with enriched contact cards, including title, contact info, persona, seniority, and more
  • Ensures that reps are engaging the right decision-makers and stakeholders throughout the deal
  • Recommends missing Stakeholders and identifies Connections in the seller's organization in order to engage the right people at the right accounts.
  • Easily allows reps to see stakeholder engagement levels so they keep buyers involved at every stage of a deal. Plus, provides visibility when an engaged contact begins to disengage.
  • Provides summaries & prompts reps with AI-powered suggestions for next steps, such as who from the buying group needs to be reached or risk that needs to be mitigated
  • Stay engaged in digital meetings by unlocking real time visibility into attendees
  • Shay Gurman

    “We welcome into the Microsoft Sales Copilot ecosystem. Incorporating’s powerful data and capabilities with Sales Copilot to surface meaningful insights directly within the workflow dramatically enhances sales productivity. Our collaboration with embodies our commitment to delivering customer value through data-driven insights.”

    Shay Gurman

    VP of Engineering, Viva Sales, D365 Sales, D365 Commerce