February 10, 2022

People.ai Wins G2’s Best Software 2022 Award

People.ai Wins G2’s Best Software 2022 Award

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We’re thrilled to announce that People.ai is one of G2’s 2022 Best Software Awards winners, earning nods in both the “Enterprise Products” and “Sales Products” categories. 

According to G2, People.ai was in contention with thousands of other companies and was chosen as a winner because our software “provides exceptional value, creates a close-knit community, and receives top-notch reviews.”

Those “top-notch reviews” are at the heart of the G2 Best Software Awards, and they’re what makes this recognition so important to us. The algorithm G2 applies to rank the world’s best software companies relies entirely on authentic G2 reviews. 

Why These Metrics Matter

G2’s scoring methodology makes all the difference to People.ai, and not just because of our data-first approach with data and calculations. Getting to know G2’s scoring, we could see that their “Best of” awards are not simply a matter of a single company’s opinion or understanding of markets. 

Instead, G2 speaks with more authority, namely, the authority of their millions of engaged users. G2’s “Best of” awards aren’t just recognition that we’re doing something right according to our peers. It’s evidence that our product is making a real, measurable impact for our users. That’s what matters most to us.

People.ai couldn’t be more proud to claim G2’s Best Enterprise Product and Best Sales Product awards for 2022. 

Best Sales Products

There are a lot of sales tools out there, and they all promise to “improve sales productivity.” Unfortunately, however, the vagary of their value proposition and goals often results in just the opposite.

As a sales product, People.ai focuses on the specifics, not just “improving productivity,” but empowering the sales teams themselves with truly actionable insights. We accomplish this with tools designed to help sales reps and managers alike better understand how to understand and improve upon their processes to push for measurable and constant productivity optimization and to increase revenue per rep every year. 

People.ai’s tools provide best-in-class performance benchmarks and specific, actionable insights to maximize the outcome of every deal. Using these insights, along with in-depth account planning and relationship mapping tools, allows the entire sales organization to identify and tap into specific pipeline opportunities locked away in existing accounts. People.ai doesn’t just tell you it’s going to “improve sales productivity;” it gives you a roadmap for understanding exactly how you’ll do it.

Don’t just take our word for it: check out a few of the reviews G2 considered when naming us the Best Sales Product of the year:

  • Truly actionable insights - People.ai delivers the most in-depth persona and business unit data to generate specific, actionable insights. It’s the difference between knowing if a rep scheduled ten meetings, and knowing if the executive champions are declining or skipping eight out of ten sessions - and being able to get that deal back on track.
  • Keeping reps in Salesforce  - This means streamlining a rep’s daily workflow and delivering actionable insights in that context. And all of that equals fewer interfaces, enriched with insights to empower sales reps, flag deal risks early, and change the outcome of in-quarter deals. 

Best Product for Enterprise

People.ai is the only data-first company on the market. Our platform was designed from the very beginning to address the root causes of the GTM growth challenge. When GTMs don’t trust their data for any reason, they can’t appropriately leverage that data into process optimization and continuous improvement. 

Providing enterprise sales and marketing teams with the depth of intelligence required to drive predictable revenue improvement requires more than gut instinct; it needs data. This is what sets People.ai apart.

Between providing powerful integrations and safeguarding customer endpoints, data, and customer privacy, People.ai drives alignment across all GTM teams with access to data in their system of choice. GTM teams can use this clean, aligned, and complete set of revenue activity data to spur reliable, consistent, and constant revenue growth—all backed by inarguable data. 

The industry’s largest and fastest-growing enterprises have taken notice of the value People.ai provides. It’s why we won G2’s Best Product for Enterprise award, and it’s why we get reviews like these:

  • Ability to handle messy CRMs - Since Day One, People.ai has been focused on building an activity capture platform to support the realities of complex, messy enterprise CRMs. We do this by ensuring that the right activities make it to the right accounts and opportunities, especially when CRM hierarchies are complex and multiple opportunities are open in the same account. 
  • Secure, privacy-centric approach - This safe approach is an absolute requirement for any enterprise purchasing decision. When it comes to data automation, the organization must ensure that no personal, sensitive or confidential information makes it into CRM for all to see. We are keenly aware of the responsibility of accessing customer data, and we collaborate with our customers to build trust and confidence in sharing data with us.

How It Works

G2 scores the products and vendors it ranks in the Best Software Awards according to reviews gathered from the G2 user community and data aggregated from online sources and social networks. They apply their proprietary algorithm to this information in order to calculate two scores, both of which factor into the final rankings.

The two scores considered are the Customer Satisfaction score and the Market Presence score.

The Final Score

When G2 has rated both Customer Satisfaction and Market Presence, they rank all participants by correcting for relative size of market and audience. In other words, People.ai did not just compete against other companies of similar relative size and category, but all companies considered by G2.

Therefore, the final G2 “Best of” scores accurately measure overall customer satisfaction and product quality irrespective of size or proportion by accounting for all mitigating factors and creating a level playing field for comparison.

Revenue operations and intelligence is new and uncharted territory for many of our customers. In order to understand and leverage its potential, GTM sales and marketing teams need more than good data; they need good data presented in a context that helps them.

People.ai has dedicated ourselves to understanding our customer’s data and sales maturity to create the perfect resources to help deliver value fast on their terms and continue to help expand their understanding of what’s possible. That level of understanding is what makes People.ai so valuable to our clients, and it’s why we won G2’s Best Software Awards.
For more information on G2’s awards, check out their explanation and methodology. To see why G2’s users thought so highly of People.ai in the first place, get in touch or try us out for yourself. We’ll see you again at the top of G2’s charts next year!

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