February 21, 2023

February 2023 Product Launch Recap: AI-Powered Relationship Intelligence

February 2023 Product Launch Recap: AI-Powered Relationship Intelligence

Stephanie Madsen

Director, Product Marketing


Stephanie Madsen
February 2023 Product Launch Recap: AI-Powered Relationship Intelligence

Dear Revenue Leader, 

I’m not sure you’ll see this, but I think we had a missed connection – on Valentine’s Day of all days! Maybe you saw my email invitation? My LinkedIn post? Either way, I noticed you’re a busy revenue leader, looking to drive more revenue, and thought you needed to hear this message. Enjoy! 

-A Marketer, who loves a good theme

In all seriousness...last week, Thomas Brence, our VP of Marketing, hosted our product launch on Valentine’s Day centered around AI-powered relationship intelligence. If you missed it, consider this post-event recap and on-demand recording your official rain check! 

Gaining Account-based Selling Perspectives from Forrester 

First up, Thomas welcomed Anne Slough, Principal Analyst at Forrester, to discuss account-based selling technologies

Why focus on account-based selling? Anne states the benefits are visibility, rep efficiency, pipeline value, increased deal size, increased win rates, and forecast accuracy. These outcomes sound like a match for any GTM org!

Anne also shared how account-based selling technologies are evolving. Here’s what she’s seeing:

  • Early entrants - Focused on an embedded sales process/sale methodology 
  • Evolution - Focused on reducing manual data entry, augmenting data, and enhanced reporting 
  • Acceleration -  Driving AI insights, fostering collaboration, increasing adoption, and realizing measurable value

We’re curious: Where are you in your account-based selling efforts? 

Lastly, Anne shared three trends she’s seeing. To hear them (and more) be sure to tune into our May webinar with Anne,  “How Account-Based Selling Tools Ensure You Build Relationships That Deliver.” 

Swoon - It’s the Solution Showcase

Next, Thomas Brence welcomed Thomas Wyatt, our Chief Product & Strategy Officer, to our solution showcase. Thomas Wyatt shared how buyer groups are getting more and more complex (a.k.a., “a lot of fish in the sea!”). The risk with larger buying groups? Investing too much time with the wrong people (...oof...sounds like my first relationship).  

To ensure you’re spending the right amount of time, with the right people, in the right accounts, AI-powered relationship maps are a must. That’s when yours truly joined the Thomases to provide a demonstration of AI-powered relationship maps and rich stakeholder insights, embedded natively in CRM (you know, where sellers already live and breathe)

Watch on-demand to see firsthand how People.ai has entered the “acceleration” phase Anne was speaking about by bringing automation and AI insights to both accounts and opportunities.

In addition to deeply understanding your buyer group, Thomas Wyatt shared how you need a complete picture of your accounts – especially in tough economic times when customer retention is more important than ever

To do this, account plans and whitespace maps are essential to your account-based selling strategy. To that end, I jumped back in to demonstrate both People.ai’s Account Plans and Whitespace Maps natively in CRM. 

Check out the replay to see how it’s never been easier to assess account health, work collaboratively in CRM, and identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities within your install base. 

(By the way, don’t take our word on the importance of customer retention. Harvard Business Review shares that increasing customer retention by just 5% can increase profits by at least 25%, all the way up to 95%). 

We’re Just Getting Started

Our investment in AI-powered relationship intelligence spans beyond account-based selling! To close our Valentine’s Day event, we were joined by Kenny Scannell, Global Head of Sales & GTM for Zoom IQ at Zoom. Kenny shared how People.ai and Zoom IQ have partnered together to help you deliver unprecedented insights and unparalleled pipeline health. To learn more about this partnership and how AI can help you drive sales results, join our webinar next month.

Let’s Make It Official With a Demo and Next Steps

Well, it’s no coincidence we’re both here…at the bottom of this post-event recap. I have a feeling you’d like to see our latest enhancements, firsthand? Let’s not have another missed connection: Register for a demo today! 

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