December 16, 2021

The People Have Spoken: Sweeps Comparably “Best Place to Work” Awards

The People Have Spoken: Sweeps Comparably “Best Place to Work” Awards
The People Have Spoken: Sweeps Comparably “Best Place to Work” Awards

At, our core philosophy is literally spelled out in the name of our company: people before technology. Our guiding mantra is that taking care of our people enables us to serve our customers, through innovation and best of breed tech.

Because this is so important to us, we are beyond honored to announce that has earned four prestigious Comparably Awards that relate directly to this philosophy:

Read on to learn a little more about why these awards exist, how winners are determined, and why we are invigorated by this special recognition.

What Are Comparably Awards?

The Comparably Awards are a particularly big deal because of who puts them together and how they work. 

Comparably is one of the world’s leading workplace culture and corporate brand reputation platforms. They have collected over 20 million anonymous employee ratings for 80,000 companies and counting. These ratings help them measure over 20 different workplace categories based on gender, ethnicity, age, experience, industry, location, and education. At we see them as kindred spirits and take their results very seriously—because, like us, they make what they do into a matter of data.

Comparably bestows 16 different awards every year, across 16 categories. Unlike other workplace awards, there is no self-nomination process or payment involved in winning the awards. Instead, all of the survey feedback that determines the winners is provided by the employees themselves, with no prompting.

In order to qualify, small/medium-sized companies need to have at least 25 employee participants. That’s the aspect of these awards we’re most proud of in the first place: at least 25 of our employees took the time to shout us out to Comparably, and thought enough of us that we won these awards. It means so much to us.

The Comparably Awards are also more meaningful than most because of the fascinating way they’re determined. As big data nerds ourselves, we couldn’t help but dive into the process: Comparably applies the feedback provided by employees to their own, proprietary algorithm in order to determine the “best of” in each of the 16 categories they monitor. 

After structuring and categorizing the data, they use it to answer over 50 workplace questions that take nearly 20 core culture categories into account, including Compensation, Leadership, Professional Development, and more. Based on the answers to these questions, each company is assigned a score in each category and then compared to companies of similar size.

There are even a few exceptions made to ensure winners of particular categories are accurate to the spirit of the award: Best Companies for Women are only based on ratings from female employees, Best Companies for Diversity are only based on ratings from employees of color, and best CEO is only based on approval ratings employees give their Chief Executives. 

The Comparably Awards are distributed all year on a quarterly basis; four awards per quarter. actually won two more Comparably Awards earlier this year, too, back in Q3: Best Company Happiness and Best Company Compensation.

People First: A Clean Sweep

Appropriately, Comparably saves the biggest and most prestigious of its awards for the end of the year: Best Places to Work, Best CEOs, Best Companies for Women, and Best Companies for Diversity. Comparably just announced that this year, earned recognition in all four.

This is a huge deal for all of us at because it affirms the core mission statement we founded the company upon. Beyond all else, we want to be a place that takes care of our people. We have always believed that if everyone working with and for us feels like they’re exactly where they want to be and they’re doing exactly what they want to be doing, they will produce passionate, exceptional work that goes above and beyond the industry’s highest standards and expectations. These awards show us that we’re doing something right according to the people who matter most: our employees.

Doubling Down on a Winning Culture

The most important thing will strive to take away from these awards is: don’t rest on your new laurels. According to Comparably and our employees, we’ve successfully created a great place to work. We’ve seen the results of that effort reflected in the excellence of our own employees’ output. Obviously, these two things are connected: the better the work environment, the better the work. 

Therefore, we don’t have time to rest; if we want to stay hungry, keep improving, and keep producing the most exciting solutions in Revenue Operations and Intelligence, we have to keep finding even better ways to uplift and empower our people. We couldn’t be more honored to end our year on this acknowledgement—and reminder—from Comparably and our employees. 

If you want to know more about the Comparably Awards, check out their website’s Award FAQ page. If you’d like to learn more about and our commitment to creating a diverse, equitable, and award-winning workspace, learn more right here.

And, of course, if you want to join the best team in the business, we’re always looking for passionate people. We can’t wait for you to join the best workplace of 2021—and, if we have anything to say about, all the years to follow.

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